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Angie may look like a super model, but on the inside she's as much a geek as anybody else!

From Catwoman, to Spider-Man, and even Princess Leia, Angie has the perfect energy (not to mention face and figure) to pull off any awesome cosplay look.

1. Meowing for Catwoman

I'm always a personal fan of any outfit that is black and leather looking.

2. Spidey Senses Going Off About this Spider-Man Bra

This is the only way I'm ok with having anything remotely to do with spiders on my body.

3. This Chun-Li Outfit Lightning Kicks Our Hearts

I wouldn't mind fighting her in the streets!

4. Frozen in Place with This Cute Elsa Costume

What a gorgeous Queen! I am loving those piercing baby blues!

5. Double Buns = Double Like

The force is strong with this gorgeous gal. She's looking radiant in white.

6. Power Girl Looking Mighty Fierce

She looks stunning in this blonde bob! Is there a hairstyle this girl can't pull off?

7. I've Got Scarlet Fever for This Scarlet Witch Costume

She looks beyond magical here. Black and red are my favorite colors of all time.

8. She's Not So Serious, That Harley Quinn

Don't be fooled by that smile! She's got some serious tricks up her sleeve.

9. Jinkies! Velma Is Orange Hot

This crime-solver is also insanely sexy.

Be sure to also check out her adorable YouTube channel Screen Team here, in which she discusses all things nerdy with her husband.

What a ridiculously cute couple. Now that's what I call "relationship goals."

[Source: Instagram]


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