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With the release date of Fallout 4 coming up on gamers fast, everyone is in a frenzy looking for information. What will the story contain? What kind of new enemies will we face? And how many times will we get killed by Deathclaws? Fortunately for us, the kind folks at the Vault-Tec Corporation have created seven education videos to help gamers find out what makes them S.P.E.C.I.A.L.!

S - Strength

Ah, Strength. This attribute helps Wastelanders defend themselves with pure brawn, or simply hoard every item insight. Armed with your fists, sharp or blunt weapons, and weapons that enhance your innate vigor, you'll be able smack down threats that stand in your way. However, Vault-Tec warns us that some situations call for more than muscle. On the bright side, you'll be prepared for any situation that calls for 100 Butter Knives!

P - Perception

"It is the unfortunate truth that when you go above ground, you will be faced with many post-nuclear nuisances" - and ain't that the truth! Fortunately for all you Wastelanders, you have the Perception attribute. With this, you can utilise your 'Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System', or VATS for short, to pinpoint an enemy's weak spot. And for those "morally ambiguous" moments where you find yourself short of caps, Perception will help you steal much more easily. Just don't get too cocky, or you may find yourself at the wrong end of an angry mob!

E - Endurance

Whether it's running for long distances, or surviving the harmful radiation of the Wasteland, the Endurance attribute has got your back! With increased resistance to damage, you'll be able to last longer against the threats of the Wasteland. And you'll even be able to eat some of those threats - turning their once harmful properties into healthy nutrients. Yummy...I think.

C - Charisma

Everybody wants more Charisma, and the same can be said for players in Fallout 4! With it, you'll be able to barter for more favourable items, negotiate yourself out of tense moments, and make some friends along the way. Having friends is always a good thing in Fallout! That is until you take their beret. Sorry, Boone.

I - Intelligence

Forget about "survival of the fittest", in Fallout 4 it's all about "survival of the SMARTEST"! Armed with your immense intellect, you'll be able to hack your way into new opportunities, and make awesome weapons of your own. However, certain situations call for a more forceful approach - so don't neglect those dumbbells!

A - Agility

Agility - the attribute ninjas are made of! It allows you to use VATS faster and dodge bullets and other threats. Run into a room with too many enemies? Not a problem! With your Agility, you can launch a sneak attack that would make any ninja shed a tear of joy. But remember, you're not the only thing that's lurking in the darkness. Did anyone hear that growl?

L - Luck

Having a bad day? Welp, looks like you forgot all about your Luck! With increased critical hits, you'll be able to handle even the most giant of Super Mutants. And you'll also get an increased chance of hitting the jackpot! Just don't get distracted by all those caps now - your fortune may turn into misfortune!

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen! With these S.P.E.C.I.A.L. educational videos from Vault-Tec you too can experience an extended lifespan in the harsh post-apocalyptic Wastelands. Load up on bottle caps and bring Dogmeat, because Fallout 4 is gonna be a nuclear blast!


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