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Do you remember Angelica's workaholic mother Charlotte Pickles from The Rugrats?

She would non-stop chat on the phone, consistently taking calls for work.

Remember the Flintstones? Remember name of character?

This is Wilma from The Flintstones. Yabba dabba do!

We all loved Petrie's mother, as she was a very loving and caring lady dinosaur in The Land Before Time.

And Arnold's kooky grandmother Gertie from Hey Arnold!, who had the best nickname ever: Pookie.

What about this evil Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland? She insisted on getting the roses pained red.

And this Simpsons character?

Agnes Skinner, the strict, controlling mother of Seymour Skinner.

What about this one?

That's Dolph Starbeam, the more soft-hearted bully of the gang who isn't afraid to show off his intelligent side.

And this iconic crazy cat lady! We can't forget her.

What do you think these characters all have in common?

If you have watched any cartoon within the last thirty years, you will have definitely heard Tress MacNeille's voice. Or should I say "voices," as this multi-faceted woman can do almost any character.

While we may not know many voice-over actors by face, and barely by voice as they are able to change from one character to the next, it is important that we give a mention to this woman who has been in the industry for such a long time.

When you're that talented, everyone wants you to be in everything, and this lady clearly deserves to be.

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