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IMDB is still kind of the gold-standard database for the entertainment industry, and specifically for movies and TV. They do a lot of awesome work and aggregate tons of reviews and data that helps inform the audience (us) on how the majority of people feel about movies, TV shows, and the like.

This infographic below that they recently published is one of their best pieces of content in a while. It took the data that they were able to compile over the years and listed the top movie from each year, going all the way back to 1990. Now, that doesn't necessarily mean that this data is the same measurement as whatever the Academy measures for 'Best Picture.' Instead, this is how the fans feel.

In other words, this is very Moviepilot... fan-centric. DC and Batman fans will be happy to see that two Batman films made the cut!

As you might notice, there is no Marvel representation. The Lord of the Rings Franchise came in extremely strong with three straight years of making it to the top between 2001 and 2003.

The Shawshank Redemption had the top rating over the entirety of the period that was taken into account at 9.4/10 in 1994.

Did you have any problems with this list? Do you think it's accurate?

I know one guy who is pretty happy with it:

BRB, gotta binge watch The Dark Knight trilogy and also watch The Shawshank Redemption again. It's been a few years...



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