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I have always thought that humans and their pets tend to look incredibly similar. Many people have commented that I tend to even have the same mannerisms as my chinchilla, Marley. I have caught myself at times acting incredibly rodent-like, and whether that is a good or bad thing, I am not sure.

In the world of Disney, there is no difference. Our favorite characters looks like their furry friends to the tee! Below is a list of human and pet duos, and you could almost say they're brothers from other mothers.

1. Prince Philip and Sampson from Sleeping Beauty

These two have the same wide eyes and luscious hair. What a regal pair of gents!

2. Roger Radcliffe and Pongo from 101 Dalmatians

These two cuties even make the same exact facial expression when angered. Just look at those furrowed brows.

3. Kristoff and Sven from Frozen

Round eyes and soft hair make these two practically twins. They both also have slightly bulbous noses.

4. Hercules and Pegasus from Hercules

From babies to badasses, Hercules and Pegasus have very pronounced chins and have very broad, strong chests.

5. Tarzan and Terk from Tarzan

Exactly who is pet and who is owner is a little confusing, but you can't deny these adopted cousins are very much alike. The two have the same walking stance, mischievous smiles, and are both pretty hairy.

6. Aladdin and Abu from Aladdin

With matching caps and vests, we already know this duo has the same sense of style. The two also style their hair pretty similarly, and I've never seen two people scale the walls of a market place better than these two street rats.

7. Flynn Rider and Maximus from Tangled

Although this pairing doesn't seem to get along in the beginning, Flynn and Maximus end up becoming two peas in a pod. With their similar expressions, and voluminous hair, these two guys really are tight.

8. Prince Eric and Max from The Little Mermaid

We know these two share the same favorite colors: grey, black, and white. Max also has some awesome shaggy hair, and although Eric's might be a bit more kept, these two men have really awesome hair.

Getting compared to your pet is anything but a bad thing, as most pets tend to be incredibly adorable. So if any more people want to claim that I look like my soft chinchilla with her delicate little fingers, big black eyes, and twitching nose, I'll take it!

She's quite a looker herself.

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