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WARNING! This review contains spoilers for S04E02 of Arrow “The Candidate.”

Below you can find my video review/recap, and below that you can find a list of talking points and takeaways from this weeks episode:


- Was that the most brutal couple of days for any of star city’s former mayors?

- The ham-fisted light/dark metaphors remain in full force

- How many of your actual mayors inspire hope? Because my Mayor is Boris Johnson, so I think the less said about that the better.

- Oliver running for Mayor? What new opportunities will that afford his character?


- Best handling of a villain origin story yet? The latent psychopath gets metaphorically burned (by Damian Darhk), which turns him even more psychotic. He then gets literally burned (by Speedy), who is now balls-to-the-wall crazy, and proceeds to murder his ambulance crew before disappearing into the night. Nice!

- Is anyone else loving the bloodier turn that this series has taken?

- What does Darhk’s rejection of Anarky do for Darhk’s role as main villain in the series, and for his character in general?


- Felicity having to fire people is bad for my soul.

- I love how they immediately cite Curtis Holt as the gay character to stop the audience worrying about an infidelity/jealousy arc.

- Holt, as I understand it, is going to be Mr Terrific - I can’t wait to see how that code-name goes down with the group. Even in a world were Diggle runs around punching people whilst wearing a tin can, the name "Mr Terrific" is pretty out there.

- What is this groundbreaking technology going to be? My instincts tell me it is going to have something to do with the re-sizing of Ray Palmer.

4. The Lazarus Pit

- Thea continues her path towards insanity due to the latent effects of the Lazarus pit. How good was that scene where her and Oliver fight? She was practically rabid.

- The show seems to be presenting her unhinged nature as an asset though, right? She beats Oliver at Team Arrow HQ, and then proceeds to take down Anarky after Oliver fails to.

- And then they dig Sara up from a grave that she has been rotting in for months. And its absolutely gross, and please tell my I am not the only one that was surprised by this.

- Is this going to be where Constantine fits in? Him being all about the supernatural and what not?

- More John Barrowman is always welcome in by book. Bring on next week!

5. My Downtime moment of the day -

The First day as boss fern. That is all.


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