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Studios use various methods to promote their movies; the main type of promotion that's used are trailers. I really enjoy watching these as they give you a sneak peek into what the film or TV show are going to be like. Because I want to show my love for them, I've compiled another list; this time of my favourite trailers belonging to TV shows and films. Again, this is not a top six list but merely a collection of trailers that I love.

Jurassic World First Trailer

In June 2015, a teaser trailer for the highly anticipated sequel to 1993's Jurassic Park was released. I remember my friend showing me this and not telling me what it was for (I wasn't aware that a new Jurassic Park film was being made) and it gave me goosebumps (and still does) and made me feel like a child again. The epic music, the all worked so well. What I also got from the trailer was it knew what its target audience wanted. We'd been waiting for 22 years to see a functioning dinosaur park, so the first thing it shows us are different segments of the unique safari. It also captured the excitement of the original film and showed us that, even if the park functions well, things can still go horribly wrong. I also like this trailer because it doesn't show us the new dinosaur as a whole...then we got the second trailer and that mystery was taken away.

Blair Witch Project

Despite me saying in a previous article that I hate this film, I really like the marketing behind this. It really tried to pass the film off as real and 'based on true events' as nearly all the found footage films say. What's interesting about this one is that the only section of the final film it uses is the monologue that the female lead character says as she's crying. This means that it doesn't give away it's plot line at all period; it instead shows us the aftermath of the film's events. This makes the trailer striking yet intriguing.

Humans Teaser

This trailer is for the Channel 4 program in the UK. This was another one that was shown to me, this time by a family member who told me to watch it because she wasn't sure whether it was an advert for a product or a TV program; she also said something along the lines of, 'technology's become a bit too real, so I can't tell anymore.' The reason she probably couldn't tell was because this trailer is set as if it is selling a product; in this case, a very human-looking robotic assistant. In the ad, a voiceover is describing in a soft sweet tone the different tasks that this robot can do which would seem fine, if it weren't for two things: this robot does not look even remotely robotic; it looks exactly like a human. Another thing is that the robot's empty facial expression, weird look in its eyes and its occasional, slow glances at the family its serving give the impression that it's planning something horrible. This, overall, makes the trailer really creepy but effective.

Cloverfield Teaser

Like Blair Witch Project, I really liked the marketing for this film; the difference is that I actually loved Cloverfield. The teaser trailer for this found footage film was played before Transformers and takes place at the main character's leaving party that's interrupted by an explosion. The characters leave the apartment that the party's held in, and go out into the street to see the head of the Statue of Liberty hurtling towards them. The only information the teaser revealed was the producer (J.J.Abrams) and its release date. The lack of its title earned it a lot of attention on YouTube and TV, especially on the news, all speculating what this was, i.e.: its title, its plotline and even whether it was a film or TV show (Abrams was working on the Lost TV series around this time). Therefore, creating good word-of-mouth, which earned it over $80 million in the box office. Good marketing, if you ask me.

Black Mirror Series 2 Teaser

This mini series by Charlie Brooker was an interesting, but scary, look at the future of technology, how we interact with it, and how it does/could affect us in our daily lives. There were two series in 2011 and 2013, a Christmas special in 2014 and Netflix announced last month that they will be doing twelve new episodes of the show. This teaser has similar tone to the one for Humans; it's set out like an advert for a product, in this case, a mobile and a tablet. However, the innocent footage at the beginning quickly takes a dark turn as they're placed against striking images, i.e.: a riot and an explosion whilst the public takes pictures and video of the incident amongst other things. In a world now where everyone seems to be 'glued' to their phones, it's a very relevant series, even four years after its release. The honest reflection on society and how technology has shaped us can be seen in this trailer, which is why I love this teaser.


Ohhh, how I loved this oddball of a film. I've spoken about this trailer in another article, but I like this one because it gives us the basic plot outline without revealing too much. It has an eerie and creepy tone to it as well, which is really effective.


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