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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

Yesterday, Marvel and Fox came to an agreement to produce X-Men spinoff TV shows The Legion and Hellfire. This is extremely exciting news for Marvel fans as both Fox and Marvel seem to be coming to agreement in terms of these character rights. Now a rumor coming from Den of Geeks suggest possibly the most important reacquisition aside from Spider-Man for quite some time for Marvel, Fantastic Four may be coming back to Marvel!

The Fantastic Four coming to the MCU?

According to the report, in exchange for Fox getting the right to produce these X-Men TV shows, Mr Fantastic, Thing, Invisible Woman and The Human Torch are all coming back under Marvel's control! This may come as no surprise to many as Fox's recent The Fantastic Four reboot underwent a lot of financial and critical scrutiny. Fox seems to be focusing a lot on their money making franchise X-Men and understand that Marvel could do great things with these characters.

Is Fantastic Four one of the mystery Marvel Movies?

Marvel recently announced a whole slew of Marvel movies set to come out in the coming years. There were three mystery movies that went unannounced and many speculated just what these films could be. If these rumors in fact have merit, then Fantastic Four may be the focus of one of those films as they try to introduce them into the MCU.

This means GALACTUS could come to the MCU!

Galactus is probably my favorite villain from the MCU. He truly is a terrifying figure and he played a huge part in a lot of Marvel storylines. Not only will we get Galactus, but Silver Surfer and Dr Doom could all be coming to battle The Avengers! If this rumor is true then this is huge for both Marvel and Fans alike!

This really needs to be true!

I really need this rumor to be true and I think many fans fell the same. Remember that this is only rumor for the time being and nothing is official, but everything does seem to make sense. My mind instantly raced to several different story line opportunities that Marvel could explore with the Fantastic Four universe. Hopefully, if it is true, Marvel could somehow bring the Fantastic Four in by the time the Infinity Wars happen. That would be really epic! I will be gravely disappointed if this is not true, it will be "clobbering time!"


Would you like to see Fantastic Four in the MCU?


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