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Whether it's a union of rule, a teenage romance or two mutants coming to save their species, superhero love affairs have shaped the entire landscape of some of our greatest and most loved storylines. In my latest list I will state the all time greatest superhero romances.

Just to clarify before starting this list, I have included romances from all forms of media. Couples from the comics, TV shows, video games and movies will be taken into consideration.

Also, these points will be taken into consideration for the rankings:

  • How powerful the couple are
  • The length of the relationship
  • The tests they have withstood
  • How audiences reacted to the relationship

Without further ado, let's kick off our list with a very polarizing opinion!

5. Green Arrow and Black Canary

This isn't the TV show that I am talking about, I am talking about the comic books. While Arrow have taken a different approach to Green Arrow's love life, with Felicity becoming Oliver's girlfriend, Black Canary will always remain as the fan favorite. Being two non-powered heroes and still managing to save a city together speaks volumes about the bond these two have.

4. Batman and Catwoman

Some people may hate this entry, but you can't deny this relationship is iconic! It’s not easy to ruffle Batman’s feathers, which is exactly what Catwoman does. Talk about unresolved sexual tension. These two have been prancing around each other for thirty years or more. Have they committed bat-on-cat love? Some say yes (like the New 52), some say no. Batman’s even stretched and bent the law to keep Catwoman safe. How many ladies can say they got Batman to look the other way?

3. Scott Summers and Jean Gray

Cyclops and Jean Grey are among the most iconic couples in comics. Their romance has spanned decades. They've been married, torn apart, killed, reborn, had kids from other timelines, and everything else in between. I knew I had to include Cyclops in this list, and it was hard to decide between Jean and Emma Frost. While I was in my room, staring into space, trying to decide which romance was better, I happened to gaze upon my Dark Phoenix saga comic. That's when I knew I had to pick Jean. If you have never read The Dark Phoenix Saga, then I recommend you go buy it! What really got me about the relationship between Scott and Jean in this comic is the fact that he was willing to fight to the death for her. He stood by her through everything, even when it seemed that she (Phoenix) had left him for Mastermind, he still stood by. The end of the saga always brings a tear to my eye, when Jean decided that she had to be destroyed as punishment for destroying an entire alien species.

2. Sue and Reed Richards

Please don't kill me for this and just hear me out! Sue and Reed Richards may be considered the first couple of Marvel, and a lot of people were expecting this to be number one but, to me, Reed Richards is a jackass. He constantly neglects his wife for science. I understand you may be creating a new dimension and all, but you have a wife that is so beautiful that even Tony Stark is jealous of you. Yet you constantly neglect her.

Yeah, that's my reason to why it's not number one, but for the reason it is number two is very different. Even though he completely ignores her, they still stay together, they stick by each other and make it work. They have two children, Valeria and Franklin (whom is considered one of the most powerful Omega Level Mutants), and have been married for nearly 50 years! When you put all the neglect for science behind them, they are a truly loving family, and you will never see a more kinder and noble hero than Mr Fantastic.

1. Spider-Man and Mary Jane

Now, it may be because I have a spot in my heart for Spider-Man, but Spidey and MJ's relationship is one that has stood the test of time!

Everyone knows how they met and how they got married, but not a lot of people know about how MJ has known about Peter being Spider-Man since the day his Uncle Ben was shot. Yeah that's right! Mary Jane figured out Peter was Spider-Man when he jumped out of his bedroom, in his costume, after his uncle was murdered. Did she tell anyone? No. Did she tell him she knew? No. She kept that secret inside for years, going so far as to never seeing him for two whole years. He later began dating Gwen Stacy but all that ended horribly as she was murdered by the Green Goblin. While grieving over the loss of his love, MJ came to console Peter, resulting in the mourning teen lashing out. This is where MJ began to come out of her shell. Despite the harsh words Peter unleashed, Mary Jane remained by Peter's side, being the friend he truly needed. Peter began to see that he wasn't alone after all.

Eventually Peter realized what his feelings for Mary Jane were. He proposed to her but she was still hesitant. Shortly after, Mary Jane finally opened up to Peter. He discovers that she's known his secret all these years. She's not quite ready to fully be with Peter out of fear that someone would come after her due to his alter ego. After many, many years Peter and Mary Jane finally tied the knot in one of the most iconic comic books in history.

Unfortunately the writers at Marvel had no idea where to take this marriage, and after Peter revealed his identity during the Civil War story arc, and Aunt May being shot, the end was near for their marriage. That was until Mephisto approached the couple and declared that they had a love like no other.

It was a love that "comes about once in a millennia."

Is there anyone I may have missed out? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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