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Daredevil took the Marvel universe by storm: with its gripping story and gritty themes, the Netflix show adds a good dose of darkness and realism to the MCU. Season 1 ended well, with most of the loose ends tied up while leaving some plots open to be explored next season. Given that Daredevil season 2 won't be released until Spring 2016, no-one was expecting a trailer any time soon. But at New York Comic Con the Daredevil team unveiled a teaser trailer, and gave us plenty of hints to go with it!

First Look At Season 2

The full length teaser for the convention was mostly comprised of scenes from the first season, which makes sense as shooting on season 2 only began a month or so ago. But the crew managed to pull together enough footage to give us this glimpse at what next year has in store for the Devil of Hell's Kitchen!

Ok, there's not a huge amount revealed here but we can still glean a lot from this sneak peak.

First off, after working through his issues in season 1, the first line in the trailer implies that Matt is going down the regret rabbit hole again. What has he done to feel guilty about? In a recent interview, Charlie Cox gave some insights into Matt's mental state, and how the arrival of Punisher will really shake up how he sees himself as the protector of Hell's Kitchen.

"In the first season Matt struggled a lot with coming to terms with who he is and what he's capable of, and I think when we meet Matt at the beginning of season 2 he's reconciled who he is and he's getting on with this job that he's given himself in protecting Hell's Kitchen... until a certain person [Punisher] turns up."

The similarities between Punisher and Daredevil in terms of their sometimes brutal approach to crime fighting have already been pointed out by fans and the cast alike, and this is sure to cause some friction in season 2.

Daredevil vs Punisher

Whether the two will turn out as allies or enemies, there's no doubt there will be some conflict caused by their ruthless methods. Rosario Dawson ruminated on this possibility back in June.

“[Matt] crosses the line quite often, so it’s going to be really interesting to see how they differentiate them and where that goes.”
Daredevil and Punisher have a tricky relationship
Daredevil and Punisher have a tricky relationship

We don't know a lot about Frank Castle's role in season 2, but the trailer does seem to suggest he has some tie with Claire Temple: he is shown walking menacingly down the corridors of the hospital. This could mean anything, but it does hint that Frank and Claire will have at least some interaction in season 2, whatever that may be.

Charlie Cox also hinted at an antagonistic relationship between the two vigilantes, describing how this will affect Matt's actions in season 2...

"He can’t just walk into a fight like he brazenly did last year, because if he comes up against Frank Castle he’ll be shot to pieces!"

So clearly Punisher won't be the biggest fan of Daredevil, if he's ready to open fire on Matt at the mere sight of him. This may not bode well for Matt, but we can't wait to see these two talented fighters come to blows!

Compelling Backstory For Karen

One of the biggest mysteries in season 1 was Karen Page's past. Starting the show as the victim of a corporate conspiracy, Karen soon embarked on a mission to expose the company that tried to have her killed, demonstrating an iron will and determination to survive that culminated in her killing Wesley

Do you think this is the first time I shot someone?
Do you think this is the first time I shot someone?

There is clearly something dark lurking in Karen's past, that has shaped her to become the person she is today. We've already had some hints that she might have committed a crime...

"Who will believe me? When they start digging, when they find what you found… when you were looking into me?"

And this may have something to do with her father, who becomes the villain Death's Head in the comics. Many people have speculated that Karen's season 2 plotline may follow the comics in taking her to a darker place, but Deborah Ann Woll has stated several times that the show is rather portraying a version of Karen who is building herself from traumatic situations in her past.

"This isn't a perfect girl ruined by the world. This is a woman who's been through a lot and she's survived and keeps pushing forward. And I like the idea that we're seeing her 'after' maybe for the extreme experiences."
Karen draws strength from her friends.
Karen draws strength from her friends.

Woll repeated this sentiment at NYCC, advising fans "don't expect anything", so we probably shouldn't think we know anything about this version of Karen Page. Hopefully though, Daredevil season 2 may shed more light on her backstory, as Karen's character develops.

All in all, it looks like season 2 will be even more exciting and explosive than the first, with new characters causing havoc and the main characters facing some of their most difficult situations yet.

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