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The video streaming company is expected to report an EPS of $0.07 for the third quarter of the year

Netflix is ready to report its earnings for the third quarter of the financial year on Wednesday, October 14 and the investor sentiments towards the stock of the company has come around to be overwhelmingly positive, given how the video streaming firm has managed to carry out such a successful business over a period of 12 months only, as the increase in the share value has come around at 130 percent, on a year over year basis. The estimates that have emerged from the analysts’ side are coming around to be $1,708.30 million on the lower side, whereas the higher estimates are made around a revenue of $1.766.90 million. The EPS of for the lower end is expected to be $0.07 while at the higher end; it could turn out to be $0.11.

Netflix has managed to work wonders, not only in the country, but also in other countries and regions such as South America, Australia, North America, and the United States and also in the Scandinavian countries, along with some of the Asian countries like Japan as well. This investment being made by the media company in all these parts of the world increases expectations for the return to be received from it in a bigger amount than what was previously being gained by the giant, which might just help to increase the revenue on the whole.

On the other hand, analysts are of the opinion that the giant has still not become clear as to how it could be growing in terms of users, as this is one thing that the networking giant has not informed the market about. It is also believed that once the media firm comes clean about the amount of growth it has been experiencing for some time, it will help the investors to think clearly as to how to direct their investments towards the company in a better way. Also, the margin of the prices increased in the past few days is also predicted to have an impact on the earnings of the giant.

As for the consensus rating, around 46 Bloomberg analysts covered Netflix stock and 23 of them have granted a ‘buy’ rating to the giant, whereas 17 of them have given the company a ‘hold’ rating. The price target, on the other hand, has come out to be $118.62.


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