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So, rumor has it that the, Fantastic Four is back with Marvel, (where it should of been)!

There eyre is so much potential that can be done here.

What are they?

Well, if I was in charge I would do the following.

Firstoff change the cast

Race has nothing to do it. Remember when there a Latina Invisible Woman and nobody said a thing? But when a Black man was cast as the, Human Torch everybody released that inner hero?

Secondly: No more Doom!


We already know who is Dr. Doom!

How about something new?

The FF have foes and allies both in space and on earth. Let's expand that shall we?

Heck, let's go even below the Earth to fight against Moleman, (dude needs some loving too)Master Puppet or even the U-Foes who are the 'evil counterpart' of the FF!

Maybe have an Imhuman, (Black Bolt) in the movie to reconsider having their own movie.

See, I have so many GOOD ideas that Marvel won't hire me, ()


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