ByIan Douglas Gardner, writer at
..." or "hero" of the film. Not that I disliked her character, cause I didn't. She was fantastic. The story however, is just as all Max stories: We Start with Max, Follow him into 'Other peoples' issues, He helps them, (with destruction all the way) and he ends up alone again. Nothing different here. It's a story of 3 Characters trying to find redemption. Max, in Helping her survive and accomplish her goal. Furiosa in finding a home for her friends. Nux, in dying in a grand way that is meangful. Neither max or Furiosa would've survived without each other,... as well, Max saved her from his own fate of driving out into the wasteland of nothing. It was his plan to go back, and it was his efforts from truck to truck that kept her alive to claim the citidal. I don't see what movie people keep talking about that doesn't have Max?? ... I don't have a problem at all with her being as strong or as bad ass as Him,.. But I think it's been so Long since audiences have seen such an amazing Female character, that, that is all they saw when they saw this film. Watch it again,.. and follow him, and you might see a different story. That's just my opinion. As far as her coming back? Great if she does,... but does Mad max, after 4 films, all the sudden need her to be great??? Or is there something else that people are wanting to see? Cause if that's the case,... that wouldn't be -"Mad Max".

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