ByJordon Chenko, writer at

Last weekend John lewchenko was announced paint ball champion as he uses his mask to scare his opponents and has a 3 man team that includes jordon lewchenko and Mitchell lewchenko and as it seems jordon lewchenko gose for the team objective and rolls with his own squad that he gets from the remaining team players he finds whilst the game is in play jordon lewchenko has mastered the true paint ball spirit and gets most his opponents in the head if not in the head he still gets the kill shots like a shit to the chest... Mitchell lewchenko gose off like a line wolf and then he gets lost and starts crying for jordon and John lewchenko to come rescue him and jordon and John work as a team going from room to room building to building trying to find there team mate. Whilst on there way to find Mitchell jordon and John bump into the world most rubish team that gose paintball and these are the all stars but they have to keep asking John to join them there for the all stars are not what they make out to be if they ask John to join... Johns currently the paintball champion as his 3 man team have currently beaten the best team in paintball witch wish to stay unnamed as they can not admit there loss the the big bear assassins witch is john,jordon and Mitchell lewchenko..... Well done boys love to see you boys at the next big game event.


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