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We all love the new characters that the Arrow and The Flash shows are delivering to us. Die hard fans are glad that some of these characters despite the changes. One of my favorite characters that were given to us in Arrow was Bronze Tiger (played by the awesome Michael Jai White). For those who didn't get to witness the awesomeness that was Bronze Tiger, here's a brief overview: Bronze Tiger was a mercenary and subsequent villain in Arrow. Known for his brutal martial arts and his signature weapon which resembles Wolverine's claws.

The character actually became quite popular and was kept on the show for a few more episodes as part of Waller's Suicide Squad. Every time the Suicide Squad was mentioned, I thought about this character but in the episode where Deadshot died I noticed he wasn't there. Why?

...Oh. Well that's not cool. Bronze Tiger was awesome, how you gonna do him like that?!

Nerd rage aside, it got me thinking though. We had Bronze Tiger, we have The League of Assassins now being led by Malcolm Merlyn...I feel like we're missing something.

Another of my thinking faces
Another of my thinking faces

Oh, yeah! Two very important people in DC's stable of awesomeness!

Richard Dragon the Kung Fu Fighter!

And Lady Shiva! The Deadliest Woman on Earth!

These are some of best human characters DC produced during a time when the Kung Fu genre was at a high. Richard Dragon, Ben Turner and Lady Shiva were three of the greatest martial artists in the worlds and their stories reflected the crazy but amazing world they lived in. Richard even fought a man whom suffered from a deformity that made him look like a preying mantis. Don't believe me?

I have this issue and it is AMAZING!
I have this issue and it is AMAZING!

That being said, Arrow has had great success from bringing in characters that ranged from the popular to the obscure; a good example of the latter being William Tockman the “Clock King.” They made him interesting and gave him a decent back story. The same can be done for these two amazing characters.

How? Well...


The easiest one I think to start with would be Lady Shiva.

Lady Shiva in more recent iterations had been a part of the League of Assassins. Keep this, mostly because it could be a fun bit where Shiva hates Merlyn and feels he's not worthy of the Demon's Head (You could make an entire plot out of that really). Strong, blunt and most of all proud. Her skill is only surpassed by her scorn of those she considers worthless. The best part about Shiva being the deadliest woman alive is that you could easily explain why she wasn't there. She's an assassin whose skills go to whomever can pay her the most. She comes back at the command of the Ra's Al Ghul and then starts her stint in Arrow as a villain/badass that she is. Time can go on and we can explore her back story with a certain martial arts master.

A question that may come to your mind is who can play such a mistress of death? Well in this writer's humble opinion, I can think of no one better than...

Michelle Yeoh, whom has had a history in martial arts movies, drama and the like. This woman is a powerhouse and deserves more love.

Next, we move onto Richard himself. Richard I think is a fairly simple concept. Boy from a broken home, tries to break into an antique shop, gets caught (and subsequently beaten) by the owner. In return for not going to jail the owner has him work at the shop and in time learn martial arts. You can keep all of that, it's simple and we need simple sometimes.

You can tone down the meditative martial arts master, make him an aloof man whom can just so happen beat you with seven different styles of kung fu. It gives a new fighter's perspective and a new character to enjoy.

Richard has had a history of losing himself as a warrior, this could easily be an opening you can put anywhere in the show. Have him going on a “Musha Shugyo.” A Warrior's Pilgrimage. Traveling the world to find himself again. Good way for him to make money on these kinds of trips is to do what he does best. Fight. Have him meet team Arrow as they break up an underground fighting match. Just as the team thinks they have it in hand, BOOM! Assassins show up. Lead into Shiva and all of...


Can any of you honestly sit there and tell me you wouldn't watch any of those episodes?

Now who can play Richard? Well one man; honestly, would be the perfect fit for him and this guy already auditioned to be part of DC's universe. That's right kiddie's I mean him...

Scott Adkins. We all know him as the man who auditioned to be the Dark Knight for the new movie and I guess he didn't fit...bull. But this is the best kind of thing to happen then because we can have a man who's played a ninja, a Russian master of combat and a cyborg be the man who taught The Question, Huntress, Question II and Green Arrow (When the mantle was donned by Connor Hawke, Ollie's illegitimate son.)

So as always guys, as awesome as I think this is. What do you think? Know anyone better for these roles? Think there are other characters that should be done before these guys? Let me know in the comments. Or...


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