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The new Season of The Flash is in full swing and I for one could not be happier. I am loving Jay as the new mentor for Barry, I already love Patty and her chemistry with Barry is just friggin' cute. The end of the most recent episode of course had me yelling very loudly. The newest episode definitely had me thinking. Especially with the premise of this season being Zoom bringing in villains from Earth 2 to Earth 1 to kill Barry and Jay. There is a large number of villains we need to show up to mess with the Speedsters and I've narrowed it down to three candidates from Jay's run (hah) as the Crimson Comet.

1. The Thinker.

It takes brains to beat someone with another person
It takes brains to beat someone with another person

Given the situation of Firestorm and the disappearance of Ronny, the good choice for this Thinker would be Clifford Carmichael. An intellectual bully and a rival to Ronny himself, but Jay had a Thinker of his own. A man named Clifford DeVoe. A failed lawyer whom bitterly ended his career after realizing the criminals that he had put away had the skills but not the brains to rule. Starting as the guy behind the scenes but soon struck out on his own and became a recurring villain for Jay as The Flash. You could easily bring the second Thinker in after something happens to the original, but this list is for Jay and we're gonna keep going with this.

2. The Shade

Richard Swift was just a crook who got lucky when he came across a cane. A cane that gave him the power to manipulate shadows. Keep him as a British man who takes his name from Dante Alighieri's epic poem The Divine Comedy (Inferno to be precise.) He could be fun to deal with for both Barry and Jay giving something else to have fun with in the villains that come through.

3. The Fiddler

Who doesn't love a good musical number? The Fiddler may be an odd choice but I figured this could be interesting given what we saw with Pied Piper. Who knows? If he ends up staying in Earth 1, those two could make an awesome duo. Isaac Bowin was a guy whom in his original incarnation learned how to control people through the hypnotic melody of his fiddle. This could be a really fun choice as it gives us the possibility of seeing just some wacky stuff when Isaac starts playing and who knows we could get some exploration of Cisco's forming powers through the “vibe” he's feeling.

Alright guys these are my picks. You got others you want to see? You want to discuss more about all this? As always leave a comment or...


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