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The internet craze of reimagining Disney Princesses shows no signs of slowing down any time soon, as these pictures can attest. We’ve seen everything from pin-ups to tattooed badasses lately and now it seems that a Game of Thrones mash up is the latest thing!

It’s hardly surprising really, GoT is surprisingly like a Disney story; there are princess and dragons aplenty. Disney does play down the incest and brutality though, so y'know there are some notable differences too...

Jasmine as Ellaria Sand

Grandma Fa as Olenna Tyrell

Merida as Ygritte

Rapunzel as Sansa Stark

Belle as Margaery Tyrell

Snow White as Shae

Cinderella as Catelyn Stark

Elsa as Daenerys Targaryen

Tiana as Meera Reed

Lilo as Arya Stark

Ariel as Melisandre

Mulan as Brienne of Tarth

Aurora as Cersei Lannister

All images courtesy of Elite Daily.


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