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For me, if he is returning in a film where he is the sole killer I think a whole new reboot of the franchise is best for Myers to be brought back to the big screen, rather than carry on Zombies dark perception which, let's be honest, was becoming twisted. There is another solution. Myers comeback doesn't have to solely be about will love him in any form, I hear paramount are looking for a way to produce a another Friday the 13th so they can keep the rights after buying them back from Newline, they need to make something within 5 years to keep them, so they would jump at a chance for him to make a reapperance. Fans have been screaming for the franchises to merge for some time which would bring Myers into the fray for a sequel to Freddy versus Jason and in honesty with a good idea and script it could work, merging the 3 would also give the movie companies what they crave....PROFIT!. Its well known Freddy vs Jason made serious dollar return because 2 of horrors biggest franchises came why not add a third, the fans will not dissapoint surely? However Malek akkad, paramount and newline would have to come to an epic agreement. As for Myers he could enter the film coming from all 3 angles the 3 sets of fans want, the old story line being he wakes up at the end of resurrection and carry on that line of films, from Zombies version after being brought back somehow or just a whole new take on him all together.

I personally would like some ideas from all angles from each franchise to link such a movie and make it happen. The problem lies with some fans from each franchise being confused as not all Halloween fans like the Elm Street set of films or Friday the 13th thus things from each set of movies tying it all together may not make sense.

To start such a movie it could be we see a man and his wife moving into a new home, (awwww), a new start, but these aren't just to nobodies and this is not just a random place. It is Steven Loomis (ring a bell?) And his wife Tina, (back stories being that Steven is son of Sam Loomis, a serial killer profiler, due to Sam's obsession with michael as a patient he had no family life which led to divorcing his mother and hardly saw his son, hence no previous mentions in other Halloweens. He did love his father and after his father's death in Halloween six knowing Myers killed him he became obsessed with finding myers, however that obsession ended when he believed Myers dead after electrocution in ressurection. Loomis is the only one knowing the whereabouts of Myer's one last target, John Strode, Lauries son, as he has police links to his witnnes portion files. Tina however is the surviver of Friday 13th 7, she has telekinesis ability unbeknown to Steven, its how she beat Voorhees last time, this will prove invaluable against all 3 killers later on. Paul with whom she survived with in frday 13th part 7, died in a car accident then she met Steven (directors choice of how)......both have just moved to a new development after the old plot was knocked down, now ELM'S GROVE........see how this is coming together? Loomis knowing this was where the famous Elm Street murders occurred and being a profiler is hoping to see a reoccurance of killings to start, to help with a career that is failing). Now we hear Kruger's voice like in the first film, and he is explaining that both himself and Voorhees both perished at the end of the last one in the battle they had, with Kruger back in hell and Voorhees lying in wait to be brought back. Inevitablely some poor camper has risen Jason once again (directors choice on how) and he resumes business as usual. (throughout the film it flits back and fourth every now and again to show the odd kill from Voorhees to show how he is getting on, this would also pan out the length of the movie). Kruger now bearing a grudge is angry that voorhees got all credit for the last lot of murders and now no one believes in him again, not only that but has also been brought back. As he scours the dreamers of ELMS GROVE, although unable to harm them, he comes accross the dreams of steven loomis. He learns of Myers existance in hell and also takes the knowledge of john strodes where abouts to use it as ammo to blackmail Myers to help him, the plan is simple....Use the last of his energy to bring Myers back as with jason in the first film, by offering strodes location as reward after he has completed his task he can use him to kill on elms grove so they think kruger did it and rebuild the belief,fear in kruger, kruger comes back, they both hunt voorhees down, with jason dead then kruger hopes to kill myers to irradicate any chance of a repeat of his demise from the last film. In the flames Myers is awakened by kruger and the plan proposed, Myers agrees with a simple burst of rage in his eyes the minute Kruger mentions Strode's name and from there we see him awaken on the coroner's table at the end of resurrection, (the old school films carried on) with a new destination....ELMS GROVE. The murders then start to happen, to Loomis joy, however he soon starts to realise that Kruger is not to blame and quickly learns its Myers style.

Now thinking he has come to kill him and for Strode's location he tries to hunt Myers first. As people die, Kruger gets powerful as they start to believe it's Kruger, and so starts killing in dreams again , once powerful enough he materialises in our world to appear to Myers and to take out Voorhees with his new recruit and head for Crystal Lake. Loomis looking to end Myers once and for all tries to follow but with all the carnage left behind by the two killers Tina has come to learn of what Steven is doing and where he plans to go.....the setting of her once very own nightmare, Camp Crystal Lake. With myers learning of krugers plan to kill him, kruger wanting both dead and jason defending his turf.....Its not just loomis hunting myers to put him to rest once and for all.....but all 3 killers come face to face for the final show down and Tina has to face 3 times the horror she once overcame being the only human with her hidden talent who can take them on!

Now bearing in mind I'm sad and love all three franchises, there will be criticism on this. For die hard fans of all 3 you will loop holes maybe....not to many I hope. There will be those who think it's the wrong route completely, but overall seeing all 3 not just Michael Myers return in the next 5 years would make me a happy horror fan.


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