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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

Marvel fans went into a celebratory state this morning when a rumor stemming from Den of Geeks claiming that along with Marvel and Fox coming to terms for a X-Men related television series, Marvel had also reacquired the rights to Fantastic Four. The internet instantly exploded as fans were excited that the Fantastic Four would possibly be joining the MCU. Unfortunately for Marvel Fans, the rumors appear to be false according to Fox Via

Wait...So Fox Still Owns Fantastic Four?

Yes, it is true, 20th Century Fox confirmed that the rumors reported this morning were completely false. Looking back, the rumors had some holes in them from the beginning. Fox already owned the X-Men Television rights, the negotiations were going on well before Fantastic Four's critical and financial disappointment. This is very saddening news, I along with thousands of other fans were extremely excited to see the original 4 fight alongside The Avengers.

The Opportunities Were ENDLESS!

My mind instantly raced to all of the amazing storylines that Marvel could explore with The Avengers and Fantastic Four. A Secret Wars arc of some kind, Galactus, Dr Doom, and even the Silver Surfer all had me extremely excited! In the end however it really was to good to be true I suppose, but really how epic would it have been? I could have so seen Reed Richards making a cameo in the new Spider-Man movie, or popping up somewhere in the Infinity Wars. I feel like crying.

Marvel Should Still Explore The Option!

It seems that Fox is standing firm and likely won't budge when it comes to the rights of the Fantastic Four. I think acquiring the original 4 would work wonders for Marvel and open up so many different avenues of storytelling. Hulk Vs Thing? Reed Richards and Tony Stark trying to out wit each other? It all would have been amazing. It would have been quite humorous to see the previous Human Torch Chris Evans fight alongside a new incarnation as Captain America! This really would have been great and i still have hope that Marvel will one day get the rights to our favorite superhero team again!


Are you disappointed to hear Marvel didn't acquire the rights to Fantastic Four?



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