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Rumor has it that Fantastic Four will be rebooted. Again.

Which should come as a surprise to no one.


Granted, this rumor has mostly been debunked, but I'm still interested in discussing the possibilities. You see, two months ago, I watched Fox try their hand—for a third time—at bringing Marvel's First Family to the big screen.

I watched them fail.

Then, I subsequently watched everyone take turns lambasting their latest effort. Comic book fans lambasted it. General moviegoers lambasted it. Critics lambasted it. I lambasted it. My co-writer and best friend AJ lambasted the sh*t out of it. Pikachu lambasted it. Hell, I'm pretty sure Black Jesus lambasted it too.

What's more is that instead of taking this critical beating like a champ, director Josh Trank MADE IT WORSE by taking to Twitter and tweeting some shady bullsh*t where he basically deflected all blame to Fox.

Furthermore, he did this during the film's OPENING WEEKEND.

On Fox's History

Let me be clear. I know Fox's history. I know they have the capacity to be despotic with their properties and take such outrageous liberties that sometimes I don't even recognize said original property (re: Wolverine Origins, The Last Stand, etc).

STILL, there is a degree of professionalism and respect that should exist in these director-studio relationships. So, frankly, I don't care if a director hates the hell outta their movie or if the studio interferes to the point that the movie was indiscernible from its original cut.

You DO NOT—under any circumstances—tweet your displeasure about the situation or how bad the movie potentially will be on its opening weekend.

You don't.

You just don't.

And you especially don't when there are multiple reports out there that detail how you yourself were no angel on set.

Yeah, just no Josh. No.
Yeah, just no Josh. No.

Fox's failed attempts and in-house fighting aside, I gotta be honest and say that I do not care about this potential, fourth reboot.

Granted, I realize what Marvel is potentially giving up (read: X-Men TV rights and etc), but part of me still doesn't care. I actually prefer the X-Men to the Fantastic Four a thousand fold. I cherish their diversity. I appreciate their versatility. I relate to their struggle. And their appeal is forever timely (but, you know, as Marvel won't be getting them anytime soon, I digress). And it is possible that that timeliness is what prevents me from getting apathetic about them as a property.

Here's Why I'm Resistant To The Idea of the Fantastic Four Coming Back To Marvel

On the flip side, my resistance to becoming apathetic does not hold for a property like the Fantastic Four. Part of that comes from how many times it has been rebooted. I have an unwritten rule that after a movie/series has been rebooted about 3 times in less than 30 years, it's time to let it go for the next 30 and just let everyone forget about it so that you can properly start over.

But, you, know since the first family's next movie will reportedly hit theaters in 2020, we will barely be getting 5 years to get over it, much less 30. This is kind of reminiscent of the sh*t that's going on with Spider-Man (read: 3 reboots in less than 10 years).

I know. All of this should be sacrilege coming out of the mouth of a Marvel fan. I should be excited that most of Marvel's properties are back under one umbrella, right?



To be honest, I don't know about all that. I'm with the dissenting sect of Marvel fans who believe that part of what has made Marvel's cinematic universe so successful is that Marvel took heroes that the public—yes, us fans are not the only people they have to appeal to—didn't know about and made them popular. Do you really think we would have seen Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor on the big screen this soon if Marvel had initially had the rights to Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four when they launched their movie-verse in 2008?

Hell no.

We would have seen the same movies—Spider-Man, no Fantastic Four! Wait, let's do Spider-Man again!--over and over again...which is not unlike DC's eternal loop of Batman and Superman movies.

And that is exactly what I am afraid of now.

Still, as I am not all about that "gloom and doom", I am hoping that something good comes out of this potentially bad situation. Principally, I AM excited for a proper iteration of Dr. Victor Von Doom. I say this because I am tired of the scientist-wizard ruler of Latveria (yes, he is that ridiculous and that is his appeal) getting haphazardly dragged to the big screen. After seeing him get half-assed in the 2004 version and seeing him magically morph into a crash test dummy filled with glow-stick fluid in the 2015 version, I'm ready for him to receive his due diligence.

I mean, who knows? Maybe he can do Marvel a solid and pull them out of this one-dimensional villain rut that they seem comfortable rolling around in right now, because frankly, I've had it with that too.

Source: Uproxx, io9

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