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Rezwan Hussain

Superheroes!! For a long time, people use to think of Superman, Batman, Spiderman, etc. As a matter of fact, even I did. I read comics on Superman, Batman, and Spiderman, saw Flash on cartoons, but nothing more.

Then came Fall 2014 when Flash launched in CW. I watched the pilot episode and I felt like, really, that was a hell of show. Honestly, I had no clue about Arrow that time. I saw Arrow making guest appearance in Flash, lots of articles on it but did not bother. Then came the episode of Arrow/Flash Crossover in the Flash season where Stephen Amell just won my heart as a character. He portrayed a depth in his character that everyone compared to Batman's story. Maybe similar, maybe not, no argument about that. The real deal here is the portrayal of the darkness of Arrow, which later I came to know is completely the opposite of what the character is in the comics.

It created a curiosity in me as to how did character of Arrow came to life in TV, someone I never even heard the name of before. So, I started watching Arrow right from Season 1. There it was, one of the best TV shows I ever watched. I got so fond of Arrow, that I created a hill in my palm in trying to watch it on my cellphone during the nights. I was desperate to know how Arrow came to Flash and how they are working together with such chemistry.

Once I got to know, I started seeing articles on how Arrow has lost it in the third season. Yes, probably things went a dark in Arrow in Season 3 but probably the darkness seemed more than it was due to the bright season of Flash. But nevertheless, Arrow did manage to pull it off at the end of the season, making some thrilling episodes.

Overall, the two shows have given the audience a new perspective on heroes. Its not about having a steel plated body or a batmobile anymore. Its more about tactics, family, persuasion, and determination that makes a hero. Oliver Queen, survived hell on earth for 5 years and Barry Allen suffering from the death of his mother by someone unnatural such that one day he became the impossible himself.

The crave for these two shows have really placed themselves strongly in the DC TV Universe. I personally feel like the hype for a new season of Arrow and Flash, the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, and Vixen, is more than the hype for the first ever Batman/Superman crossover movie, Dawn of Justice.

The new season of both Arrow and Flash looks promising, as Arrow now transformed to Green Arrow and so far what we saw about Damien Darhk, he sure does seem the most formidable foe for Green Arrow, and as for Flash, we now have Jay Garrick, and soon Wally West. As far as I, as an audience, is concerned, I sometimes take a moment to think about the marvelous writers these two shows have who are probably going through a lot in trying to pile up a strong story also given the fact that the two shows are connected.

With Legends of Tomorrow coming up, things will get even better with characters running around the shows as if it is a parallel earth full of heroes determined to save humanity. All in all, for the time, life without Arrow and Flash seems kind of off! The two shows indeed gave us a new way to look a superheroes.

For the time being, check below the amazing video of Arrow meets the Flash.


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