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We are all really excited for the upcoming Marvel movie centered around Carol Danvers. To celebrate, I have collected the best Captain Marvel cosplay efforts of all time!

Click on each cosplayer's name to find out more about them and access their own websites!

1. Amazon Mandy - Ms. Marvel

Mrs. Marvel is always ready for duty!

2. Enjinight - Ms. Marvel

Is it just me, or does she look like a doll in this photo? Her cosplay is great: the hair, suit and mask look exactly like Mrs. Marvel's. Also, the added effects make it look perfect.

3. AZPowergirl - Ms. Marvel

The suit looks good and the effects make the photo look even better!

4. Florencia Sofen Holland - Ms. Marvel

I must say, Florencia is an awesome cosplayer. She does a lot of cosplays, and has recently been SpiderGwen, Supergirl, Harley Quinn and Mrs. Marvel -- which she nails!

5. Heather 1337 - Ms. Marvel

Her pose is just perfect. The suit is well designed and the effect looks great. Heather makes a wonderful Ms. Marvel

6. Belle Chere - Captain Marvel

The suit looks so genuine. Here's what Belle said about her costume :

About the Costume: The dark navy blue is wet look spandex, dyed to achieve that deep hue. I'm pleased with the color I got! The gold/yellow stripes and star is made from the same material I used for the bolt on my Ms. Marvel costume, which I thought was kinda neat. New from the old. The red on the shoulders, collar, and gloves are stretch faux-leather. I was really pleased with how sharp all this came together - very uniform, and I love it.

I also made the wig, which was a natural-blonde bob that I styled back into that windswept faux-hawk, and added a bunch of long wefts along the back. I blended the wig in with my natural hair (hairsprayed blonde) for a more natural looking hairline. It's been a lot of fun walking around cons to hear people say 'You even got the hair right!'

7. Soulfire - Captain Marvel

She makes a fantastic Capt. Marvel and the new suit looks awesome!

Which one did you prefer more? Which Ms. Marvel costumes do you like? Who do you think should play Ms. Marvel?


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