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I did some cosplay articles some weeks ago and this time, I wanted to share the best Justice League cosplayers with you. Although there are a lot of people who have cosplayed as members of the JLA, here's a small selection featuring some of the favorites.

Superman - Jason Evans

Superman, the Man of Steel, was portrayed very well at the New York City Comic-Con in 2014. The costume is almost identical from the movie and the cosplayer's build makes the perfect Superman portrait!

Batman - Julian Checkley

You have to believe me, this is not CGI! This costume was all designed and manufactured by Julian Checkly. The awesome Batman from Arkham Origins has come to life because of Julian's impeccable skills.

Wonder Woman - Callie Cosplay

Callie did an awesome job with Wonder Woman, presenting to us the original costume from the animated series. Also, the Photoshopped scars and background truly makes her a great Wonder Woman.

The Flash - Michael Cox

This original Flash from the animated series is by Michael Cox, portraying it nicely with all the effects and a wonderfully made costume.

Green Lantern - David Ngo

The original costume worn by John Stewart in the animated series has reappeared again on David Ngo. With the awesome look of the costume, he truly did an incredible cosplay.


The most legit Aquaman cosplay I've ever seen. I tried to look for the cosplayer, but I couldn't find out who he is, so if you can find him, please let me know! Anyway, you can see that this is truly one of the best cosplays ever; the gloves and the color of the costume is truly perfect.

Martian Manhunter - KalEl NC Sean

KalEl NC Sean did an extraordinary cosplay as Martian Manhunter. The 'X' stripe looks great over the body paint. I only have one word to describe it: Perfect.

Green Arrow - Eddie

Hello, Oliver! Ohhh, wait, it's Eddie cosplaying as the animated series Arrow! I myself love Arrow TV show, but I've always liked the original Arrow as a Robin Hood lookalike.

Thank you very much for reading! Which one did you like more?


Which cosplay did you think was the greatest?


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