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Peter Sutcliffe was born 2nd June 1946 in Bingley, Yorkshire. Who knew that he would become one of Britain's most infamous serial killers.

Sutcliffe had many jobs but his career as a gravedigger would be the start of his disturbing behaviour. He would often steal 'trophies' from the bodies he buried and was said to persistently reference necrophilia. I believe that this was a key moment in making him the person he would later become.

Sutcliffe would end up murdering 13 women and leaving seven horribly wounded. His first victim, Anna Rogulskj, was hit over the head with a hammer and slashed with a knife, she fortunately survived as did Olive Smelt, his second victim. The hammer and knife would become his trademark. Sutcliffes next victim, Wilma McCan, was attacked in October 1975. This unfortunate lady died from hammer blows to the head and many knife wounds to her body. Peter Sutcliffe went on to kill three postitutes in an eighteen month period.

In June 1977 Sutcliffe took a detour away from murdering prostitutes and turned his attention to 16year old Jayne MacDonald, she died from her injuries. Over the next three year Sutcliffe went on the kill eight women and injured several more.

During his killing spree Sutcliffe was interviewed as a suspect no less than 9 times however, each time there was not enough evidence for arrest.

2nd January 1981, Sutcliffe was apprehended whilst in a car with a prostitute, she could of very well been his next victim. During a search of the vehicle, police uncovered a hammer and a knife. Once presented with this evidence Peter Sutcliffe finally confessed.

Sutcliffe was sentenced to life in prison however shortly after being detained, psychiatrists found him to be insane and he was transferred to the notorious broadmoor prison.


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