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Marvel superheroes have starred in plenty of great movies, but now I'm gonna talk about the worst ones.

Warning: this article may contain spoilers, but if you haven't seen these movies you're late.

#9. Spider-man 3

Everything wrong:

  • #1.A meteor crashed on Earth bringing the symbiote with it,in the Secret wars comics Spider man went to Battle world and found the symbiote.The symbiote should not have been in this movie at all.
  • #2.Gwen Stacy and Captain Stacy should not have been in this movie because they should've died long ago.
  • #3.Harry Osborne,Green goblin was wack.
  • #4.What bugged me out about the whole trioligy was that Doctor Connors never became the Lizard.

#8. X-men Origins: Wolverine

Everything wrong:

#1.The whole weapon X was weird they were missing Lady deathstrike ,and Omega red and Logan and Victor were supposed to work together.
#2.Saber tooth hated Wolverine for no reason,in the comics Saber tooth and Wolverine's rivalry made sense but in the movie Logan left Victor and then Victor wanted to kill him,these are the reasons for a couple hating each other not brothers.
#3.Deadpool wasn't Deadpool he couldn't even talk and Deadpool is known for his talkitive mouth, Deadpool has katanas not claws,and Deadpool does'nt shoot laser beams.
#4.Wolverine didn't get shoot in the head and lose his memory,his healing factor healed hos memory from his dramatic past.

#5.Professor X could walk,in X men:first class Professor X lost his ability to walk when Magneto accidently shoot him in his leg,and X men origins Wolverine took place afterwards.

#7.Iron man 3

Everything wrong:

#1.The Mandarin was fake,the Mandarin is one of the greatest Marvel villains but in this film he was a fraud I couldn't take the film seriously after this and the movie was labeled a failure.
#2.That little kid that I didn't give a crap about.
#3.The Christmas theme was wack.
#4.Rhodde shouldn't have become Iron patriot.
#5.The movie had too much comedy.

#6.X men:the last stand

Everything wrong:

#1.Wolverine,Cyclopes,and Jean Grey were annoying.Wolverine wasn't his usual tough guy self, Jean was cool but she was to emotional and she cheated on Cyclopes,Cyclopes also was not as tough as usual, and he was also very emotional.
#2.Nightcrawler ,dissapeared from the franchise,he first was seen in XMen 2 when he attacked the president he was an important character but in X-Men the last stand he was gone,without an explanation.
#3.Juggernaut sucked.
#4.Charles,Professor X,and Eric, Magneto, parted ways when they were about their normal age,which makes no sense because in X-men: first class they were young men when they parted ways.


Everything wrong:

#1.The film did not explain how Elektra was ressurected after Bullseye killed her in,Daredevil.
#2.The family she hung out with made the movie lame.
#3.To many villains.

#4 Fantastic 4 (2005)

Everything wrong:

#1.Doctor Doom was lame.
#2.Jessica Alba wasn't a very good Invisible woman.
#3.The thing should've been bigger,'cause he was the shortest one on the team.
#4.The story line was bad.


Everything wrong:

#1.Bad actors.
#2.The movie was slow.
#3.The graphics were terrible.
#4.Some flaws in the story line.

#2.Fantastic 4:rise of the Silver surfer

Everything wrong:

#1.Same as the first one,Jessica Alba was a terrible actor,Doctor doom sucked,and the thing was short.
#2.Silver surfer was not given a proper back story.
#3.Galactus sucked.
#4.Silver surfer doesn't lose his power when his board is gone.
#5.The story line sucked.

#1.Fantastic 4 (2015)

Everything wrong:

#1.I don't mean to sound racist but Johnny Storm was black, Johnny Storm is white and he needs to stay white, "for-e-ver".
#2.Doctor dooms powers were stupid,he made people's heads explode.
#3.The story line got weird after they got back from space.
#4.Sue Storm was adopted,in the comics this never,ever,ever happened.
#5.Sue Storm didn't go with Reed, Ben,Johnny,and Victor but she still got powers.
#6.Stan Lee didn't make a cameo, which is just proof that it sucked.
#7.The fantastic 4 were never government agents.

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