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Three years ago, Marvel created a comic that was meant to mix the best of the X-men with the best of the Avengers, and was meant to usher in a new world for both teams. It was meant to show that Earth's mightiest heroes can still stay in form with the mutants of the world, to prove that they can co-exist. The first volume of the series sold well and was very well received by both fans and reviewers. Following the results of "Axis", a second volume of the series came out which only lasted 5 issues and showed the world of this team on a quest to find out the true origins of both Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, after they learned that Magneto was not actually their father. This series was NOT well received by fans and reviewers, and was quickly dismissed for the world of "Secret Wars".Now, Garry Duggan issues in the third volume of this series, and after reading the first issue, one can hope that it can only get better.

Uncanny Avengers #1 has all the potential of being a great series, as they again mix together a number of characters that are popular and concepts that are "in" right now, but they prove again that sometimes too much is not good. First, the comic focuses way to much on Deadpool, as he shows that he is the central figure of this new team. The opening fight with the Super Adaptoid can only be won with the assistance of Deadpool. The in-fighting between team members is all about Deadpool. The writing in these sequences, especially the scene with Spider-man was totally out of character and made it seem that even some of the most noble heroes can be selfish in the end. In addition,there is again no purpose for why these heroes are even together on a team, as no purpose was ever supplied. It is just a group of heroes thrown together for the sake of being thrown together. The art by Ryan Stegman is one of the only saving graces of this book, as the visuals make us wanna turn the pages and see what will happen next. What was a promising looking group of heroes in the "unity squad", turned out to be nothing worth anybody's while. Wasted opportunities, overloaded with unnecessary elements, and drenched in uninspired characterization, this series will be a tough sell to die-hard Marvel fans who read this entry. Hopefully, they can turn it around going forward, but they are certainly off to a terrible start. I give this issue just a 4 out of 10, and I am hopeful we have a good rebound in a few weeks when the next issue comes out.


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