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7 years after the movie, almost 14 years after the TV series ended, the X-Files are back. A miniseries will be aired on January 2016 with the original team (writer and producer Chris Carter, and actors David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Annabeth Gish and Mitch Pileggi). Will this new sequel worth it or is it a new example of trying to make easy money using the interest of a loyal fan base?

According to Chris Carter, creator of the show, the new TV series is inspired by the recent NSA surveillance scandals, as he recently explained during the premiere of the first episode in Cannes. People are more aware of government abuse and more likely to enjoy conspiracy theories.

But will it be enough to have a successful come back? Critics are not convinced. Christopher Bell in Cracked lists four arguments against this revival:

  • The “story of the week” format is dead for TV series.
  • X-Files ran out of ideas years ago.
  • The show’s ending was irreversible.
  • They already ruined the franchise with the last movie.

Do you agree with him? Will you watch the show? If you are interested, there is a poll addressing this question on netivist:

New X-Files series: will fans be disappointed?


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