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Lately, everyone has seemed to have joined some sort of Game Of Thrones Appreciation Society. There is no doubt that the hit show is breaking both boundaries and barriers when it comes to its twists and story line. With multiple claims to the Iron Throne and a whole host of drama, it is easy to see why people get caught up in the show.

With a phenomenal soundtrack, amazing CGI and fantastic characters, it does seem to tick all the right boxes for all the right reasons. And within this framework of awesomeness are the main characters, who are all female.

From Cersei to Daenerys, each character has their wits about them, able to do a job to the same (if not better)standard as men. They are strong, empowering characters.

Cersei Lannister


Cersei Lannister has lived in her twin brother's shadow all her life. When fate placed our fair Cersei at the Iron Throne, she took her chance. She had 3 children (thought to be King Robert Baratheon's) whom inherited the Iron Throne from their "father". She has been doing side deals with people to gain political favours.

She is as cruel as she is kind, with a venomous tongue and the power to back her up. She is inn a prime situation of being the Queen Mother that allows her the opportunity to "get her own way" However this is always done for the good of the realm, because she believes that her actions are what are required in King's Landing. Love her or hate her, she is a character that most have an opinion about. And for that Lena Headley , the actress who portrays her, should be applauded in my opinion.

She is a relentless leader who is as strong-minded as she is beautiful. Beauty and brawn. And despite her reputation of being the "bitch" in this show, and that she is portrayed at times as the villain , she is empowering none the less.

Daenerys Targaryen

Dany! Mother Of Dragons
Dany! Mother Of Dragons

Daenerys may look like the picture of innocence, but there is more to her than meets the eye.She has had to endure more hardships and loss than most characters, and is still one of the key players in the Game Of Thrones. With a strong claim for birth right to the throne and her determination to be a good ruler, she often has to deal with matters that make her uncomfortable. Yet she takes these hits and moves forward regardless of the situation. She has gone from a weak young girl, to a real threat of a woman. Did I mention that she has three dragons ? There can be no doubt that Daenerys is an inspirational character.

Catelyn Stark/Tully

Winterfell is my home.
Winterfell is my home.

Catelyn Stark is a fierce mother, and enough of a politician to know how the Game Of Thrones is played. From a wealthy family, she is the mother to the main characters. Again, we see her suffer unbearable losses, become broken and deflated and yet still rise from the ashes. She knows how the world works, including everything that is wrong with it, yet still she does what she feels is best despite how she feels. As a force to be reckoned with, she is strong , brave and a good example of how to be a kick- ass mother.

Margaery Tyrell

I want to be THE Queen
I want to be THE Queen

Margaery is a beautiful yet deadly little creature. She married a king who she knew was cruel to help her stance in the Game Of Thrones. When that didn't work out, she marriedhis younger brother. Again, despite feeling nothing for him, she perseveres and does her queenly duties. Her title is what is important and as long as she has that, she is unashamed of how she got it. Bold and beautiful with a vicious streak, she is definitely a character that may yet break more boundaries throughout future episodes of the show.

Brienne Of Tarth

Member of the Kings gaurd
Member of the Kings gaurd

Brienne may not be the prettiest character in the Game Of Thrones, but her loyalty is unrivaled. She is the first female to be given a place in the King's Guard due to her amazing fighting skills and her overall presence. She towers above most men and is able to use a sword as well as any man. She is bound by duty to be honourable, which in Game Of Thrones is not a common trait.

Sansa has had to endure forced marriages, the loss of her family and many other tragedies. Where as her sister, Arya, has had a very different journey. Arya has left her homeland and made friends,foes and choices that her sister Sansa did not have to make. They are both strong and independent, but in their own ways. Their lives have taken different turns but this does not change the dominance they have in their situations, whatever that may be.

With so many amazing female characters Game Of Thrones is leading the way with female dominated success. There are many characters i did not mention such as Arya, Sansa, Ygritte etc but all have 2 very common traits

1) They are as tough as any man, and usually twice as smart

2) They are female. In modern day society I would not have thought there would be such a dominance by men but unfortunately, there is. However Game Of Thrones is different and can hopefully continue to pave the way for other TV writers to include more bad- ass females in their stories.

Personally I enjoy this show, most of all because of the scale that women are involved. In every aspect women are in control, not always directly, but they are. I wish more shows were brave enough to have this kind of dominance.

What do you think? Is Game Of Thrones pushing the gender issues forward?Does it need strong male characters to balance it out? I would love to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment below with any other suggestions, honorable mentions and so on. I look forward to seeing them!


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