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The Final Girls is a grippingly funny tale about 5 teens who somehow magically end up in the fictitious slasher film "Camp Bloodbath 1 & 2". The premise plays on the old classics such as Friday the 13th and Sleep Away Camp. From the typical girl that has sex to the backstory of how the killer ended up that way. It's no surprise this was clearly going to win over fans of the original cult classics.

The most surprising aspect was how well the writer poked fun at what everyone yells out when watching the films. A few examples include teens randomly having sex or splitting up the group. There were some shocking twists, one in which is making fun of the current generation's need to take selfies.

It's a selfie to DIE for!
It's a selfie to DIE for!

It was entertaining to see how the real world teens interacted with the fictional characters from the movie. The best was witnessing the flashback sequence because it finally shows you what it really looks like inside the actual film. You also get to see a lot more they didn't show you which would normally be edited out in majority of horror flicks.

"Why am I color blind? Did I have a stroke?"
"Why am I color blind? Did I have a stroke?"

I wasn't disappointed with the film. It most certainly kept me entertained majority of the time. I just wish they would have done some video of Camp Bloodbath 2 in the credits since the screening in the movie was for both. That was my only let down for it.

Overall this movie is clearly targeted at those who grew up on the beloved slasher flicks of the 1980's and still watch them today. It's definitely worth checking out this Halloween season.


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