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Last year, we were introduced to the breakout star of the Marvel universe in Gwen Stacy, a hero of an alternate reality who has the same powers and responsibility of the Spider-man that we know and love. She appeared in the entire Spider-verse saga, then got her own series which lasted 5 issues before "Secret Wars" began. The comic started off strong and gave us a nice visual of the universe that she lived in, and just how much it differed from the regular 616 universe that we were used to. Due to "Secret Wars", her comic ended and she appeared in the "Spider-verse" comic that took over "Secret Wars". That comic ended(and will return very soon) and now she is back in another volume of "Spider-gwen", but is it too soon or has the hype of the series died?

The new issue of Spider-gwen seems like a season premiere of a TV show that has been on for over a year. It finds a way to bring in new viewers and tells us very briefly what has happened in the past, and also finds a way to give old viewers something new to ponder for the upcoming episodes. The most important thing is that we know that this is an alternate reality and therefore, anything is fair game. We know that Peter became the Lizard and died. We know that Matt Murdoch is a corrupt evil human being and the top henchman of the Kingpin. We know that Frank Castle is not the Punisher, but still follows the same ideas that his 616 counterpart has. But, with the cliffhanger from this issue, we are also shown that anything is possible. Jason Latour again goes out of his way to show us how the Earth-65 characters are very similar to the 616 characters that we know, but I feel he went very overboard with the use of Harry Osborn in this comic, as they try to explain why he is called "The Green Goblin" here. It's a stretch and I feel a really stupid one. If you're thinking of picking up this book for a gritty story, then don't. However, if your thinking of picking it up for an interesting story in the life of a young and troubled female character who still manages to crack wise and maintain a level of happiness then by all means go ahead and buy this! The creative team of this book is hardly one that has had huge issues but their were of course some issues with the last iteration of the book, such as not much on Gwen's past and some aspects of the art. It seems that this time 'round however they're determined to start strong with us finding out more about the Gwen of this world than has ever been revealed before. Plus, the art is great for this issue. If there is any point you should jump on the Spider- Gwen band wagon it is most assuredly now, especially with the conclusion of this issue. I give this issue a 7 out of 10.


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