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So you woke up today checked your Facebook/Twitter feed and there it was. You were even in kind of disbelief at first dismissing the news as you usually do when it comes to these sorts of things. But then you saw the link shared again and again and again. And it was true. For a brief moment the sun shined through the clouds and reveled that light can reach the wasted landscape. Hope can reach the hands of those who are willing to patiently wait out through desperation. Fantastic 4 was back at Marvel and before Phase 3 has even started Phase 4 had been given life.

And then your dreams were shattered, again.

Look folks it's no shock that Fox is holding an iron grip of death on these things because they are huge money makers for them. And with the rise of Marvel being a legitimate movie studio there is tons of pressure to keep making their version of superhero films so that they keep the rights.

First of all in order for Marvel to get the rights back there has to be a period of at least 10 years of no films being made. You many think ten years is a long time but it's not when it takes lets say two years to make a film. The first F4 film was in 2005 and the sequel was in 2007. With time was ticking down and 2017 looming Fox jumped the gun and pushed for a reboot with younger actors that they hoped would maintain the franchise as they did with X-Men: First Class. The same exact scenario. Last Stand was a bomb in 2006 and in 2011 they released a newer younger reboot they they somehow weaved out of their ass to connect with the older franchise just so they can keep Jackman under contract and incorporate Patrick Stewart and Ian Mckellen.

But we knew the Fantastic Four reboot was gonna bomb before even seeing a trailer because real Marvel fans know that it doesn't matter how good it looks because as long as Fox is making the film, it is not Marve and it's not part of the Marvel Cinematic Universel. With respect to Hugh Jackman (& Stewart and Mckellen and the First Class cast) he is a great actor but his career is slowly but surely being damaged by these consecutive bombs. Bless him because you can tell he takes the role because he really loves it and not because it's a paycheck. I wait for the day that his contract with Fox is up so he can join Marvel Studios in whatever role they give him.

The only thing that makes Hollywood move is money. Whether it be making them want to continue a franchise or give it up. Marvel has systematically killing off one of their greatest most lucrative franchises in their comic publication because they want to hurt the Fox Studio productions, make no mistake of it. GodFeige does not forget and though he says nice things he knows that the X-men Franchise he helped originally produce could have been so much better if he were listened to and now that he speaks directly to the Mouse there will be no stopping him. If fans keep boycotting he will continue to filter down influence to help get the rights back. Understand that Marvel WILL NEVER WORK WITH FOX like they are with Sony because Fox is owned by Rupert Murdoch and they don't have the balls to ask for help. They think Marvel is beneath them where as Sony saw their profits dwindle in both the motion picture department and their tech department and instead of literally going out of business they made the deal of their lives that will save them. BOOK IT NOW, Spider-Man will be the best film in the MCU not because I'm a Spider-Man fan but because Spider-Man is the centerpiece in the Marvel Universe and they are going to do everything to make sure it is the best film.

You have to boycott X-Men Apocalypse like you did the Fantastic Four film. You have to boycott Deadpool like you did the Fantastic Four film. If you're a REAL Marvel fan and that wants a REAL MCU you have to. You have no choice. Like i said in Hollywood money talks, and to make them do anything you have to hurt them in their wallet. X-men franchise is no where near as lucrative as ANY of the Marvel properties and by now there is enough evidence to prove that they are not of the same caliber. That tv show they are talking about doing on Fox? Yeah can't watch that either. It's gotta bomb. Fox has to be convinced that anything they do with a Marvel character is going to be a waste of money. It is the most difficult thing that MCU fans face because in today's society where people need instant stimulation it's not hard to put a crap movie out on a weekend when there isn't any competition and score a #1 box office hit. And that's all it takes to get sequel it seems. No matter how bad X-Men is they are gonna give it a sequel if the box office numbers come through. They already pretty much green lighted a Deadpool sequel and all you've seen is the same sequence but instead of CG in live action. You keep forgetting that it's Ryan Reynolds underneath the mask and you hate Ryan Reynolds...

I thoroughly applaud all of those that have supported this/these hashtag(s). I encourage that when ever you see an obvious click bait post trying to get you to like the Fox superhero films to post the hashtag and remind others that and to . And most importanly never forget folks


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