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Hello and welcome, curious and insightful reader. Today I would like to discuss what I consider to be a true masterpiece of film. Something which entertains and captivates its viewer for the long haul. I am speaking about Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix.

The reason why is tension.

Tension is what keeps us entertained. Sound and visuals are the ingredients to film and if prepared properly, they can produce a delicious wholesome meal that you'll be yelling at the screen for more of. Those delicious meals are called episodes, and while you may not always be served your full...well, not every filmmaker is a great cook.

You see, I enjoy and am entertained the most when no resolve has come to the plot. When all the characters are still in jeopardy and everything could still be lost to the villain. This is tension. When you are constantly on edge while viewing Halloween because Michael Myers is still out there. Somewhere. You don't know where he'll appear or when, but you know that him appearing is still a possibility because he's yet to be caught.

With Daredevil, the tension is at an all time high. Each episode has a 1 hour mark and let me tell you it works for the overall result. The show feels drawn out when the heroes are making little progress and it picks up when they make a breakthrough. The action scenes are intense because we've seen Matt get hurt before and more importantly we acknowledge that he can be hurt. When a main character never takes a hit or shows little regard for danger, the audience will lose touch because the protagonist is telling us nothing is in harm's way for us to care. Matt is always carrying previous injuries around with him so that just adds to every physical danger he is faced with.

The writers wrote a brilliant story, which in the end is all that matters. Fight scenes and even dialogue are just the means to telling a story and if the story sucks, it was all meant for nothing.

The visuals are excellent and the action scenes are captured beautifully on camera. You can tell what's going on and it looks genuine. The reactions of those involved in the fights are also genuine. They are really getting injured and they feel pain, unlike other shows where characters recover from blunt force trauma as if they got smacked with a pillow.

Lastly I'd like to discuss the sound, which is done perfectly. One of the things about music and dialogue is that they are key elements into our subconscious minds. The sounds we hear and the rhythm in which we hear them tells us things in our minds. Things like tone, elements and environment. Daredevil pulled this off perfectly.

This is why I am giving Marvel's Daredevil a 10. I never lost interest throughout 13 hours of entertainment and I was taken in by the characters and their stories and gradually invested more of myself into the show until I was immersed completely. But mostly I think it's a genius masterpiece due to it not being TV or film. It wasn't played in a cinema (that I know of) and it wasn't shown over a television network. It was given to us in its entirety at the beginning, it was our choice to keep watching... and we did.

Check Out Daredevil season 1 on Netflix. Season 2 begins 2016.


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