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This summer's Fantastic Four was a certifiable flop, so this news migt actually hold some merit. However, as always take any rumor with a grain of salt until offical confirmation has been given.

Marvel Studios is by far the largest, and arguably greastet, maker of superhero films, successfullu creating a massive franchise that spans across television and the big screen. Sony used to be stiff competion, with Spider-Man being a huge profit, but with the critical response The Amazing Spider-Man recieved, the studio took a huge hit. Then came the caped crusader that is Marvel, who swept in and struck a deal to bring Spidey into the MCU. It now seems that a similar situation has brewed over at Fox. This summer's reboot of the Fantastic Four was not kindly regarded by fans or critics.

Fantastic Four Is (Maybe) Heading to Marvel

With the prospect of expanding on FF presumably out of the question, its been long theorized that Marvel would seek to regain the rights they sold so long ago. Marvel has so much to gain from the Fantastic Four, as not only the team is rumored to be heading home, but so is Doctor Doom, Galactucus, and the Silver Surfer among othet related villains. This opens the door to so many possibilities for Marvel to grow their universe even further. With the news of Antman and the Wasp coming a few days ago, we also got news that three release slots have been slated for what will presumably be the start of Phase Four. It now appears that perhaps ths Fantastic Four will kickstart Phase Four.

What Does Fox Have to Gain?

It might seem like this deal is very one sided in favor of Marvel, but that is until you findout what was just greenlighted. Fox's biggest moneymaker is the X-Men, havi g their own universe that is continuing to be built, with the next expansion being 2016's Deadpool. Fox has been trying to further grow their X-Men universe into the TV realm, but legal issues with Marvel has been preventing that from happening.

Hellfire and Legion have both been greenlighted. It seems that if this deal is true, Marvel has granted Fox the television rights for the X-Men in exchange for the Fantastic Four. It makes perfect sense as Fox lost a lot of money from the detrimental effects of the Fantastic Four movie, and they most likely are looking to recapture some of that capital by expanding the influence of the X-men

As I said before, this news is still just a rumor. The truth of which will most likely be reavealed in the coming weeks. Do you think this ia true? Should the Fantastic Four return to Marvel?

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