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Blood, sweat and tears. That's what it takes to make a million dollars. But for those who want an easy $1,000,000, there is another way to do it. Granted you must have talent, character, charisma and a fan base. However, if you can overcome these small hurdles, you can become an easy millionaire.

Likened to movie reviewers and playthroughers, people on YouTube, the popular video sharing website, can create videos and share them with the world. By playing games, doing what you love and even showing the world your own world, you can become famous. YouTube famous, that is.


YouTube personalities like Lindsay Stirling, PewDiePie and Make-up enthusiast Michelle Phan have made it big by doing what they love.

Using Google AdWords, a monetization program for YouTube, creators of videos on YouTube are able to make money on their videos. For every 1,000 views a video uploaded receives, that upholds the copyright laws and terms and conditions of YouTube, the creator can make $1. That means if your video gets 4,000,000 views, you make $4,000 on one video. Most of these YouTubers have millions of followers, so that helps when wanting to spread your content.

PewDiePie, alone, makes $12,000,000 a year on his content. This means that his content for one year received 12 Billion views!

The content you cover in your videos can cover anything from DC, Marvel, Movie Reviews, Tutorials, Video Game Playthroughs, TV shows, Movies. However the stipulation is that you must not infringe or violate YouTube's terms and conditions of their monetization program.

So if you think you can set the world on fire with your content, you could make an "easy" $1,000,000 by creating videos on YouTube.


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