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So let me be very clear. Anything I say in this article is not meant to be offensive. I want to make that clear before certain people read this and blow up. It is purely my opinion as a comic book traditionalist.

Marvel Comics... What are you thinking? I mean really. How many times are you going to alienate your readers? What makes you think that you can change your characters so much without having repercussions?

A lot of the long time readers of your comics are now buying comics from other companies. Mainly Detective Comics. Wanna know something? I don't blame them. I quit buying your comics a very long time ago because of things like this. That's not to mention the sub-par writing you've had.

Shop owners that I know are saying that it is already having an effect on them. They are ordering fewer and fewer of your comics. They tell me that as a whole people don't want to read Marvel stuff because they feel like they have been alienated and are mad about it. A Books-A-Million near my house is even having to discount their Marvel inventory just to move it out the door.

It is sad and pathetic that you feel that you must change all of these characters just to gain new readers. Is being more diversified and politically correct worth it? There are better ways you know. You don't have to change already established characters. Does your staff lack the imagination to come up with new female and ethnically diversified lead characters? It certainly looks that way. Until you decide to fix yourself I'll continue to give my business to DC.

Now you're probably asking yourselves what has got me on this little rant. The answer is simple. A new Wolverine. Now the fact that it's a woman is of no concern to me. It's the simple fact that you have yet again changed another iconic character. In fact I still wasn't over you changing the Incredible Hulk to The Totally Awesome Hulk.

Let me be clear here. Peter Parker will always be Spider-Man, Steve Rodgers will always be Captain America, Bruce Banner will always be the Incredible Hulk, Thor Odinson will always be Thor, and Wolverine will always be James Howlett. Sorry. That's just the way it is.

If you don't agree with my opinion please feel free to let me know why you don't in the comments section.


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