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First, a special shoutout to Sam Pellegrino for the awesome title suggestion!

As we all saw at the end of Iron Man 3, Tony Stark and Rhodey pretty much left the Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM) in shambles. But that got me thinking, if AIM were ever to reappear in the MCU, who would be the new face of the organization? I mean Aldrich Killian is out of the picture, and no one seems ready to stand up and take his place. But that being said, AIM's current situation perfectly paves the way for a certain floating head to step up to the plate. That's right, I mean...


Now, for those of you who are not as familiar with the comics, here's a brief history lesson. Once, there was a scientist in the employment of AIM named George Tarleton.

That would be this guy.
That would be this guy.

He and his team helped create the artifact known as the "Cosmic Cube". However, AIM higher-ups decided to begin conducting experiments on Tarleton using experimental mutagens. This turned him into a super intelligent hybrid of man and machine dubbed MODOC, which stood for "Mental Organism Designed Only for Computing". After becoming MODOC, Tarleton's main task was to study the Cosmic Cube and if possible improve it. However, Tarleton was not content to be a puppet of AIM's leaders, and eliminated them, taking the reigns of AIM for himself and changing his name to MODOK (Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing).


Now that we've established the character's backstory, let's jump into ways he could be included in the MCU!

The obvious theory

Perhaps the most plausible way to get MODOK into the MCU is to do something similar to how Arnim Zola appeared in Captain America The Winter Soldier, because it's pretty unlikely that we're going to see a giant floating head with arms and legs invading the MCU anytime soon.

Arnim Zola in Cap 2
Arnim Zola in Cap 2

Now, if Marvel does indeed decide to go this route, whose consciousness would be a likely candidate to put in the computer? I believe there are two distinct possibilities for this one: George Tarleton, or some other character we have yet to be introduced to.

The "somewhat likely but probably not" theory

This theory goes that Aldrich Killian, realizing that his defeat in Iron Man 3 was inevitable, downloaded his consciousness into the AIM mainframe, and becomes a MODOK-esque supercomputer.

Killian as MODOK
Killian as MODOK

Iron Man is then forced to defeat this monstrosity with the aid of Pepper's Extremis injection and Rhodey's Iron Patriot.

The "pretty much not gonna happen but how awesome would it be if it did" theory

There does remain the possibility that Marvel will actually pull directly from the comics and show us that AIM was not as beat up as appears to be at the end of Iron Man 3 and then proceed with the George Tarleton turning into a giant floating head process as mentioned above.

In conclusion, MODOK is a character that I desperately want added to the MCU and I'm very curious to see how Marvel will translate his appearance from the comics into film.

What do you guys think? Does MODOK belong in the MCU? Comment below!


Should MODOK join the MCU?


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