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After the announcement that Fox would be partnering with Marvel Studios to create two separate X-Men TV shows, Hellfire Club and Legion, many people wondered why Marvel would just partner up with Fox. It was assumed that Fox had sold the rights to the Fantastic Four in exchange for the X-Men television rights. Well, 20th Century has since denied those rumors, and there are a few factors that go into play that also disprove the rumors.

The Television Rights Have Been In The Works For A Long Time

It was thought that the reason that Fox would trade the Fantastic Four franchise because of the failure of the recent movie. Well, this couldn't be true because the rights have been in the works before the release of F4ntastic. That means that their would be no way that Fox would know how much of a bomb the movie would be.

There's More That Goes Into Marvel Getting The Fantastic Four Than Just "Trading"

If Fox and Marvel Studios did indeed "trade" franchises, we probably would have heard about it by now. There's definitely a lot more that goes into Marvel getting the Fantastic Four, than just trading. There's a lot of legal documents that go into play, and we probably would have heard about it before it is actually finished.

What Will Be The Future Of The Fantastic Four

Although Marvel does not currently own the rights to the Fantastic Four, it seems very likely that they will obtain them in the near future. I, as well as many others Marvel fans, hope that this will indeed happen. But, the only thing that we can do is wait and see.


Do you think that Marvel has the rights to the Fantastic Four?


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