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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

Hugh Jackman's run as the definitive on-screen Wolverine is slowly coming to an end in Wolverine 3. His run will forever go down as easily one of, if not the best, comic book movie representations EVER! Yes, he has been that good!

There have been tons of Wolverine moments over the course of the X-Men franchise that are very memorable. In a recent interview with Digital Spy, Hugh Jackman revealed his personal favorite Wolverine moment, and it may not be one that you expect!

That's Hugh Jackman's Favorite Scene?

This scene is just gold! It may be one of the most hilarious moments in the entire X-Men series! While this has always been one of my favorites, I would never think that this would be at the top of Hugh Jackman's list. I think the thing that is more surprising about what Jackman had to say is how long it took him to get fit for the role! Truly shocking!

Hugh Jackman got RIPPED in three weeks?

Hugh Jackman said that he was asked to do Wolverine while they were already filming, so he had minimal time to get his body prepared for the role. He claims it only took him three WEEKS to get into Wolverine shape, that is outstanding! I couldn't get myself looking like that in a year! He says that if you examine X-Men, you can see his body transformation throughout the duration of the film! That really makes me want to go back and re-examine the film!

"I got the part literally as they were filming. Bryan Singer said, 'How long do you need to get into shape?' 'Three weeks?' If you look at the film carefully there's quite a transformation."Jackman offers some advice for the next Wolverine!

Jackman offers some advice for the next Wolverine!

Hugh Jackman has already stated that if he had to choose, Tom Hardy would be his successor to the role of Wolverine. Jackman offered up some advice for whoever it may be, Tom Hardy or someone else, on how they should prepare for the role:

"Start training six months out."

Wolverine is obviously a very physically demanding role and Jackman has done a great job taking care of himself to make sure he in tip-top shape. If anyone plans on giving us a quality Wolverine performance after Jackman's departure, they might want to listen and take his advice bub!


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