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Now as the premiere of The Walking Dead, season six, aired this past Sunday, fans are still “geeking-out” from the show’s dramatic episode. Now with a community to defend, can Daryl, Michonne, Carol, Rick and rest of group fight against a foe who does not stop, can’t be negotiated and will continue its onslaught until humanity becomes the infested dead hell bent on eradicating everyone into extinction.

The show starts off as Rick shoots Pete Anderson, played by Corey Brill, with almost no chance to reprise his role and allows possible romantic interlude with widower, Jessie, played by Alexandra Breckenridge. Community leader Deanna Monroe, played by Tovah Feldshuh, shocked from tragic death of her husband, Reg, by Pete’s hands, bestows authority to Rick and group to run their town, but residents there have grave concerns. Finally, character Morgan Jones, played by Lennie James comes back. Able to free himself from his internal torment memories of the death of his wife and son, offers a moral compass to the group especially Rick, whose erratic behavior, refuses to take any chances.

Courtesy of AMC. Morgan finally returns to Rick.
Courtesy of AMC. Morgan finally returns to Rick.

A rock quarry is filled with Walkers threaten the security of the community, Rick has a plan to Walker-Steer the hoard and divert them away from community. Throughout the episode, the color format changed from black and white to color. Flashback scenes were filmed in black and white to represent Rick’s group and community struggling to trust and work together. Then scenes that were in color to show the result of everyone working together to accomplish their goal. This was absolutely brilliant storytelling and brought the episode a deep meaning. In order to survive, survival must be done on the shoulders of others, as Daryl tried to explain that to Rick and allow the continuation of finding the lost among the Walkers.

Courtesy of Daryl rides.
Courtesy of Daryl rides.

The semi truck suddenly tumbles over leaving the road clear. The Walkers begin to move forward and the group jumps into action without a dry run, As they manage to steer a slew-filled road of Walkers away from the community, with barriers in place and flare guns to draw their attention, it looks as though plan is working. Everyone begins to offer a sigh of relief for what they accomplished, until the bottom drops as the fear in everyone eyes begin to swell. The sound of a tornado warning siren roars throughout the area, possibly the work of a renegade gang called the Wolves. Now with nothing loud enough manipulate the Walkers, they turn towards the community that reminds moments of “The Alamo” and we know what happened there.

Season six promises to be one of the best seasons yet as The Walking Dead will be pulling all the stop on this one. This is why it’s AMC’s No. 1 show in Sunday timeslot and merits it. The combination of the good rapport with cast members, excellent writing and die-hard fans that will endure the summer heat in Georgia with zombie makeup to make this show what it is. Don’t miss the next episode of The Walking Dead, Sundays at 9 PM on AMC, TV-14

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