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This past week I logged onto my Vudu account, mostly because there was an update on my iPad that required me to delete my currently downloaded movies and series' and re-download them all. While the downloads were going, I started surfing through the collection of available shows and films. I found a few shows that were offering the first episode of the series for free download. Since Vudu was being so generous, I graciously accepted their offer and grabbed a few intriguing shows.

And let me tell you, did I ever find a doozy!

I grabbed the first episode of a show based on the image displayed below.

I started the first episode of a show called Strike Back, honestly simply thinking that it would be a solid 45 minute time kill. I put my headphones on, truly expecting a gritty, action-laced singular adventure into some sort of militaristic show with two obviously brutal and potentially violent main characters.

I was right about the grit and the action, but as the credits rolled I found myself completely engrossed in what I was watching; unaware that 45 minutes had just passed. I never imagined that I would become attached to a show after a single episode, but Strike Back grabbed my attention in the first ten minutes and never let go. As I'm writing this article, I'm also looking for the series on Blu-Ray so I can own it, I'm that desperate for more (hint hint for anyone wishing to buy me a Birthday gift).

In the first episode we are introduced to the main characters of Michael Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) a 'by-the-book' Royal Marine and former commando who is assigned to a special task force, Section 20 along with Damien Scott (Sullivan Stapleton) a cocky, arrogant and dishonorably discharged ex-Delta Force operative. The two are partnered to track down a kidnapped operative, John Porter (Richard Armitage).

The team heads to a hotel in India and soon finds themselves trapped inside with a group of terrorists who hold everyone hostage and demand that someone named Mahmood reveal himself. Mahmood is believed to know where weapons of mass destruction are hidden in Iraq. Stonebridge and Scott find themselves being ensnared in a massive conspiracy theory, and they are both determined to learn the truth; to clear Scott's name as well as bring those responsible for the death and destruction into the light.

After watching through the first two episodes (I bought the second one because I needed to know more) I started looking for more information about the show, only to discover that it was originally released in 2011 as a Cinemax original and it just finished out it's final season.

If you are looking for a potential new show to get addicted to, I strongly recommend you jump into Strike Back. It's worth the watch for sure!


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