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Minecraft: Story Mode

The latest episodic adventure series from Telltale games who develop "The Walking Dead episodic series & The Wolf Among Us".

Minecraft has never had a story, of any kind; it's always been making your own creativeness and making your own stories through play. However, Telltale make the concept work by putting narrative first. At, first i wasn't familiar with minecraft until my kids introduce the game to me 6 months ago. Then, i got the concept of the game was playing with my kids on pc.

Story Mode feels like the kids going on an unsupervised adventure just like how the movie The Goonies, The us against the world feel reference on the breakfast club. The obvious reference of all Lord of the Rings which the game opening episode, "The order of the Stone".

The character that you play here is Jesse, who i believe can be Unisex, depending on your choice. Jesse and their friends, Axel the loyal meathead and smart, self-confident Olivia are talented team of builder hoping to be the champion on the Minecraft EnderCon Convention.

But unfortunate events happen at EnderCon unleashing a Wither, a terrifying monster that threatens to consume the minecraft world. Jesse was chosen by one of the Order of the Stone, a group of four heroes to help find the other heroes to defeat the Wither.

I didn't mind the genre because there were enough plot developments to keep me interested.

It's a pleasant start, packed with individual events but featuring little in the way of narrative propulsion. Minecraft Story Mode just probably needs more time to build.


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