ByBrittany Evil'Angel Mikaelson, writer at

Everyone knows that Bonnie and Damon are friends but should they be together? Should Stefan and Caroline be together? Here what I think should happen:

Bonnie Bennett and Damon Salvatore has been friends since season 6 and it's about time that they should have a romantic relationship. They been through a lot together from being enemies to losing Elena Gilbert. They grown close to each other in able to understand one of neither. So, the writers should give what the fans want to see in Bamon. Maybe, things can more exciting between the two. Elena can always have a romantic relationship with Stefan again when she wakes up and bring back Stelena.

As for Stefan Salvatore and Caroline Forbes, they aren't the best pair to start a romantic relationship. In my opinion, they shouldn't be together as a couple. They are better as friends like they were before season 6 began. I understand that Caroline needed someone to lean on when her mother passed but there is also Enzo. Enzo is a perfect fit for Caroline to start a romantic relationship but than again there is Niklaus Mikaelson the one and only mighty hybrid. Stefan should wait on Elena and bring Stelena back while Caroline start a romantic relationship with Enzo or Niklaus.


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