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I really love Power Rangers but with the return of Saban, the show has shifted away from edgier and more sophisticated plots and returned to its target audience. I still watch it from time to time but now it feels very apparent I'm watching a kids show and it's not as easy to enjoy anymore. I began to wonder if there was any possibility of making a transforming (henshin) hero team show for adults too. Now when I say transforming hero I only mean that they go from regular people to having powered suits or armor that give them special abilities and weaponry using a special voice activated call to action.

Would it even be possible to do it without either adapting from or completely ripping off the Japanese tokusatsu hero shows? Let's check these out first.

Houjin Yatsurugi

This character is Houjin Yatsurugi, a local hero that covers the Chiba prefecture of Japan. Tokusatsu heroes are so ingrained into the culture that some cities in Japan have their own hero or group of heroes. Now we know it's not just Super Sentai that worked on armored hero shows. The fact that they have heroes guarding certain cities and prefectures really reminds me of our culture's heroes, the superheroes and how they defend their cities. We have Superman in Metropolis and Batman in Gotham but we also have street level heroes like Daredevil who protects his own neighborhood Hell's Kitchen while Spider-man protects the rest of Manhattan and maybe Queens. If you want to think even smaller, instead of DC or Marvel these minor local heroes would be Image comics or Dark Horse; still quite popular just not as well known.

Battle Strike Team: Giant Saver

This is a Chinese tokusatsu show. The first one Armor Hero began broadcasting in 2008. This tells me that it isn't too late for America to get into the tokusatsu scene. Giant Saver even has a mecha, which it appears Armor Hero did not. Also it shows that it's not just in Japan but China also. There was also a South Korean show in the works called Rayforce but currently it seems to be in development hell.

looks like the armor from Mass Effect
looks like the armor from Mass Effect

Now the only question left is if it's a cultural thing. Have we traded off our right to use armored hero shows since we have a growing number of superhero shows? The thing is, America is supposed to be a melting pot using the best parts of different cultures. Shooting our TV shows on cameras made in China isn't using the best parts of our collective cultures. I have to wonder if we did try would anyone watch it though. From the way it seems on the internet, the ones who watch the Japanese Super Sentai, Kamen Rider and Metal Heroes series would just claim that an American version would be a ripoff of one of these shows and only in it for the money. Those who don't watch the Japanese versions wouldn't be interested anyway because it's for kids and kids already have Power Rangers. It's the same thing with all these other shows too, they're all for kids. That's why I propose we reinvigorate an older show.

Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog

I'm legitimately shocked that this YouTuber thetrunks was able to find such a good quality opening. Fingers crossed it remains up there for a long time. I loved this show. I thought getting mystical armor using celtic mythology was fairly badass and original. It clearly seems to have drawn inspiration from Dairanger, who got their their powers from heavenly beast, but Super Sentai seems to draws from Japanese lore so to me any other mythology was up for grabs. It would be perfect for Saban to make a movie to bring this back with updated, and better looking armor and story.

I imagine this movie would be good with the script quality of Braveheart or Lord of the Rings combined with the action of 300, just not quite as bloody or brutal. The clincher would be that they would make it for adults. Not so crazy that kids are banned but around a boundary pushing PG-13 rating. Power/Rangers the fan film is a tricky outlier in this situation, as it would lead you to believe that America is ready and okay with a more adult armored hero show, but is its success directly linked to the fact that it was showcasing a Power Rangers property? To me it seems that Kamen Rider is more adult than Super Sentai and we have adult shows like Spartacus; I don't see why we can't have a more adult TV show or movie of Mystic Knights. We've incorporated things in the past like the whole giant robots and Godzilla trend. Let's show how America interprets this genre.


This show has nothing close to the fanbase of its more popular sister show Power Rangers, but it would be incredible if Saban could find a way to bring it back. It has become hard to do anything with a group of people magically suiting up in any kind of colored armor or suits because it is highly synonymous with Power Rangers or Sailor Moon and we're in the age of everyone calling everything a ripoff.

Making this film would open up the world of live action, transforming, armor heroes for more American writers. This is also the reason it probably won't happen. Sabanbrands currently has a monopoly on this to the point where Power Rangers is the only place you can get to see this kind of thing. There wouldn't be a point in opening it up to competition. Maybe I'll write my own team henshin inspired script.

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