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Ever since we saw his cocoon at the end of “Thor: The Dark World,” there’s been considerable speculation regarding whether or not Adam Warlock would be showing up in the MCU anytime in the near future. Well, two sources have reported that Marvel is casting for the roles of Warlock and his twisted alter-ego, The Magus, to appear in the Infinity War epic that will spread across Avengers 3 and 4. So I guess we can call that settled. Will he get a stand-alone film or appear elsewhere beforehand? I’d love to see our cosmic avenger in a solo adventure but who knows!

My question is this. Who do you put in this pivotal role? The look has to be right, of course, but remember, this is the warrior/philosopher who turned Thanos to stone with a touch. And in addition to the cosmic wanderer, whoever takes this gig also has to portray the 5,000 year old bad-ass, man-turned-God, The Magus. That takes chops, acting chops! So here are my top five actors to take on the mantle of Adam Warlock:

Simon Baker

Now I know he’s no action hero. He’d take a lot of martial arts training and/or CGI to play the role of Warlock but others have done it. He also has virtually no experience in sci-fi films unless you count “Red Planet” which I don’t. His character Pettengil reminds me of the nameless Star Trek officer who would always beam down to the planet and be killed minutes later. All that being said, Baker has a real presence on-screen. He can portray the troubled hero, (see “{The Guardian,”) and the snarky cynic, which would play really well as Warlock’s future, evil self, The Magus. (That’s why everyone loves Tom Hiddleston’s Loki!) He also looks the part.

Jude Law

Again, he’s no action hero but neither was Paul Bettany. The Vision is a very cerebral character, as is Warlock so I think it could be a great fit for Law. I did enjoy his role in “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow,” and if you want villainy, check him out in “The Road to Perdition.” We’re talking serious psychopath!

Clive Owen

Another great actor who has actually seen some fantasy action. Anyone remember “Sin City?” He’s got a great look and is in pretty good shape the last I saw. He may be too expensive for Marvel, though. Somehow I have the idea that he would bring more to the role of The Magus than to Warlock but, hey, aren’t the villains always more fun?

Taylor Kitsch

Okay, he’s not in the same league with these other guys but he is fun to watch. He’s got the resume, (“John Carter,” and Gambit in “X-Men, Origins: Wolverine,”) and since Channing Tatum seems to have stolen his mutant abilities, why not?

Theo James

This guy has the look and the moves. I think he’s done really well with the “Divergent” series so far. He’s also not in the same class with my first three picks but, honestly, is Marvel going to pay for an A-lister for a supporting role? I don’t think so.

Anyway, these are my top five choices for the cosmic avenger. Do you agree? Did I miss anyone? Who would you like to see as Adam Warlock?


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