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There are moments in the life of a show when it passes into a plane known as TV greatness; When it leaves the pack behind and claims the top spot for itself. Arrow for the last three seasons has danced around that moment. There have been several times when it came up to that threshold of greatness, before coming to a halt. That all changed in the second episode of season 4.


There were some great moments in the second episode, like when Thea Queen came to the point of understanding about the effects her resurrection might have had on her. Gone are the days of weak, fragile baby sister. Welcome dark, blood thirsty, killer sis! Entertaining yes, but not what I'm referring to.

We can talk about the evolution of Felicity Smoak. From tech nerd who just sits at a keyboard and hacks, hacks, and hacks some more to the Palmer Tech CEO. She has grown into an Executive willing to stand against her own Board of Directors and save the jobs of those in her company, as well as protect the legacy of founder Ray Palmer. I like the change in her character, but that isn't what got me hyped and excited.

Although it was a great guest appearance, Jeri Ryan's role as wannabe Star City Mayoral candidate and former friend of Moira Queen didn't do it either. It was nice to see her on the show though.

I was excited to see Alexander Calvert (Bates Motel) debut as the villain Anarky. He did not disappoint, not one bit. Violent and edgy, it really added a cruel tone to the episode, Especially when Anarky tortured the young daughter of the mayoral candidate by breaking fingers. Very nice way to introduce a villain into the show.

Also worth mentioning is Echo Kellum's debut as Mr. Terrific, as well as Oliver Queen's announcement that he will be running for 'Mayor of Star City'. Hint, hint-is this decision that will eventually lead Oliver to that grave we saw at the end of the premiere episode for season 4?


Not too long ago I wrote an article on the relationship between the two sisters, Laurel and Sara.Laurel finally discovered what had happened to Thea Queen at the hands of Ra's Al-Ghul (Matt Nable) in season 3, and most importantly what Oliver did to get his sister back. That truth led to the following scene with the shock at the end.

This was the last time we saw Sara Lance. Lying dead on the table in the Arrow Cave with an arrow still piercing her heart. Yes, it was strong to see a hero in this state, but what we saw at the end of the "Candidate" was even stronger.

Rare are the times when you see moments this dark on a show like Arrow. It really elevated the level of drama, seeing the corpse of Sara Lance in THAT state. I mean, had she opened her eyes and screamed I would have had to say she was wearing a Black Lantern Ring. The look on Laurels face spoke a thousand words. I mean, we all know where this is eventually headed to. Wow, what a way to begin the journey there.

Will it lead to his debut?

That's right, I'm talking about Constantine! We know Matt Ryan is making an appearance this season on Arrow as the legendary Warlock, thanks to some strong lobbying by Stephen Amell (Thanks Stephen!) Will he have some sort of direct involvement with Sara's resurrection or even Thea's quest to fix what is wrong with her? Season four of Arrow has only begun and thanks to the teaser that aired at the NYCC, we have some more goodies to look forward to:


What Happened To RAY PALMER?

The Battle For The Demons Head!

Yes Arrow fans, we are going to have a lot to talk about in the next few months. God, don't you guys love the fall season? So there you have it! Arrow is the CW's best show so far. Anyone care to disagree?


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