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With hunky heroes like Captain America and Thor stealing the show, Hawkeye can often slip under the radar. But even though he's not a Super Soldier or an Asgardian prince, I believe he's the closest thing to a regular guy on the whole team.

Hawkeye is often the only one to acknowledge the craziness around him where his teammates simply accept whatever insane circumstances they find themselves in. His down-to-earth personality stands in stark contrast to the colorful personalities he works with.

Interestingly, Hawkeye is the only member of the Avengers who manages to achieve a normal life outside of his heroic deeds. His life is free of the complications and chaos that the others are constantly inundated with. He even brings his fellow Avengers to his farm, turning it into a safe house where Ultron won't find them. He alternates being one of Earth's mightiest heroes and being a normal guy with ease. We even see his awesome dad skills come out when he gives Wanda a pep talk during the battle of Sokovia.

All in all, Hawkeye is proof that even if you don't have superpowers or magical abilities, being a hero isn't about that - it's about loyalty, dedication and believing in both yourself and the people around you.


Do you think Hawkeye is the most "normal" Avenger?


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