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*Mild Spoilers Ahead for those of you not up to date with Arrow* I've been keeping up to date with Arrow since the last season (Thank God for Dish), and I just watched the latest episode of season 4 this morning on my DVR. I pray that this season redeems last year for me, but that's a fit for another time.

Those of you who are up to date know that Thea has finally emerged as Speedy, the sidekick to her brother in his war on Star City crime, but we've also noticed some not-so-subtle differences in her demeanor. First and foremost, Thea has become extremely brutal in her resolve toward criminals. In the first episode of this season, she nearly killed someone, only stopping once Oliver caught her attention, but in the second episode, she wasn't so easy to stop. As a method of getting information on their latest criminal, she twisted a man's arm to the point of snapping. Thea didn't stop there.

In an outburst, after being verbally and physically confronted by Ollie, Thea lashed out and gave him a brawl he wasn't prepared for. There's been speculation on whether Thea will stay Speedy, become Artemis, or simply branch off as her own Red Arrow...but I had a different theory in mind...the Red Hood.

Sure, his real name is Jason Todd, and he's a Batman character, but Arrow hasn't ever shied away from not only changing comic book details, but from using Batman characters in the show either. Obviously, this wouldn't be THE Red Hood, but a certain version of it created solely for this series. Here are three reasons I can see this happening in the show later.

1. The Same Turning Point in the Origin

What I mean by "turning point" is the Lazarus Pit. For Jason, Ra's Al Ghul steals his body after he's beaten and blown up by the Joker, in an attempt to make amends with Batman for hiring the Joker as a distraction. After coming back to life, Jason loses his mind and returns to Gotham as an anti-hero of sorts, bringing him against the Dark Knight. In Arrow season 3, Oliver takes Thea there as a last resort, after she's brutally assaulted by Ra's and left near dead. After some twists and turns in worrying about her mentality, she seemingly returns to normal, until recently.

2. She Already Has an Affinity for Red

This one's the simplest and quickest to get out of the way. Between her love for Roy Harper/Arsenal, the man who was practically obsessed with red, and her own willingness to take up the mantle after his departure, Thea already has the red all over, and now she's primed to switch the hoodie for a mask...

3. Her Mentality is Slowly Slipping

After practically losing it all in the previous season, and seemingly returning to normal later on, Thea has been in and out of being cognitive in the first two episodes of the new season. Between not listening to Oliver, refusing to see the underlying problem, and slowly becoming more and more brutal in the evening fights that the team faces, how long will it be before Thea is no longer someone that we or her brother recognize? That slip from sanity is the same thing that turned the second Robin into a character that became a terrible adversary before becoming somewhat of an ally (but not before a whole lot of bad).

What do you guys think? Could Thea possibly become the Red Hood? Or is there another character you think she is leaning toward? Share your opinions in the comments! Arrow is all new every Wednesday night on the CW!


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