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Recent rumors have emerged that the movie rights to the Marvel characters, The Fantastic Four, were given back to Marvel from their current movie rights owners, Fox.

This rumor started as a result when it was announced Marvel Television and Fox Television would be working together to create two X-Men t.v. pilots. So, it was then speculated that for the X-Men's television rights, Fox gave up the rights to Fantastic Four. This also went well with Marvel announcing three unnamed movies for 2020, with many speculating that it was the new F4 film.

So who really who the rights?

Sorry all you Marvel fans, the rights are still being held firm by Fox. This news was announced by, who have said Fox stated to them that they still hold the rights to the characters.

That being said though, this rumor was most likely not going to be true. Fox still actually had the television rights to the X-Men, and was planning a television series way before the newest Fantastic Four movie. Not to mention Marvel would most likely have nothing to do with a Fox t.v. series, AND you can't simply "trade" these sort of things, as it would involve many legal document signings and all that good legal stuff.

Also, there is already a sequel planned for Fox's Fantastic Four, set to release on June 9th, 2017, but no speculation as to what it will be about. Maybe a new take Silver Surfer, or Galactus? Please let that be good.

Thanks for reading this short article, I hope you enjoyed it. I realize this is upsetting news for many of you, but that's unfortunately the way it is. Tell me, d who should have the rights? Should the Fantastic Four not even get any more movies? Let me know in the comments, and follow me for more content.


Who should have the rights to The Fantastic Four?


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