ByMisha Scanie-Avery, writer at

It has always been a dream of mine to see the catacombs in the flesh. To walk among the bones and see if they can speak to me. I'm from a small town in cold lake, AB But I love horror and horror related things. My friend and I even recreated the suicide photo's from gingersnaps. Including a few of our own... didn't go well in our christian community but we did get a passing grade for a job well done.

I know that inside the catacombs I would be more then happy to listen to music with the bones, eat a meal among the eyeless skulls and sleep peacefully surrounded by skeletons while being lulled to sleep by an awesome store told to me in a dark room full of candles. The horrifying stories amplified by the soft flickering of candle light against the sun dried bone lining the walls.

My friend would also enjoy the stay. Our like minds are not only brave but have enough courage to do also as others have done and traverse the catacombs. Then when the walk as made us hunger, return, staying only in the catacombs.

My name is Misha Scanie-Avery and my friends name is Michael Howitt.


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