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(Warning...This post might contain a bunch of spoilers about The flash seasons 1 & 2. Proceed with whatever level of caution you posses)

(I've always wanted to say that ☝)

Well, hello everybody. This is my first post in the page and before we start I would like to tell you some stuff about myself: I'm a fan of both marvel and DC, but i support more DC in the series and marvel in their general cinematic universe (in the comic book part, i feel kinda the same about both). Im not american, Im a latino in case you notice something weird in the way I write.

Now, lets cut to the chase. I'm pretty sure you're all following the CW's show "the flash", and in case you dont, i seriously recommend it to you, is awesome.

in this post, im gonna talk about what most of the cw's fans are wondering: where is Ronnie Raymond a.k.a. Half of Firestorm?

(This is just a theory i came up with so don't start critizicing me if this is wrong, although i dont think it is)

Now: what's the theory?

Ronnie never died, he just traveled to a different earth (or universe, whatever you call'em)

"WHAAAAAAAT!??, You have lost your mind" you might be thinking, but you are really very wrong because i've always been crazy. Also because i have some very solid arguments to support my theory.

Ya see, when Firestorm when to separate in the center of the singularity in order to close it completely, when the fision occured, Dr. Stein when to the normal earth of the flash that we know, mr. Barry Allen. BUT, Ronnie went to the earth of the first flash, mr. Jay Garrick.

Now, you wont be getting any of this if you never saw the flash's finale and the extended trailer of "the flash of two world" (i'll leave it here in case you are not uderstanding any im saying here)

Now that you all have seen the trailer, ill finish my theory. What im saying here is based on what jay garrick said in the trailer about him and all of his antagonists traveling to barry's earth, the only difference is that, with ronnie, happened all the earth around (get it?, because im saying he traveled to the wrong earth . Im hilarious).

You also may be thinking "why are you so sure that Ronnie is alived?". Well, if he died in 2015, how is he gonna be alived to REUNITE with Dr. Stein to become Firestorm during the AMAAAZING new cw's 2016 show: DC's legend of tomorrow (in case you haven't see the futuristic momentum, the video is below. After it you can laugh at this joke)

(Im sooo sorry for the lack of images but i had to do this from my cell and well it's not letting me upload the pictures. Im really really sorry)

Well, this is just my opinion and i hope you share yours, and for that to be more likely to happen i'm gonna ask you what people like to ask here:

What do you think though?


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